With rumors of The Pit making a comeback soon via Mortal Kombat X DLC [full story]; there's been been a better time to see a klassic arena in a whole new way! That's exactly what Mick Cielesz has achieved with his reinvention of a Mortal Kombat 3 arena as virtual environment. Designed for the Oculus Rift -- the simple reinvention of The Pit 3 gives players a foreboding first-person view of the famed bridge of death!

The Oculus Rift represents virtual reality technology in the present day. Utilizing twin OLED screens with 1080x1200 pixel resolution, the device uses high quality, globally refreshing 90hz images to stream a virtual environment before the wearer's eyes. The result is an immersive glimpse into interactive worlds.

Cielesz achieved his simple reinvention using Maya, Unity and Oculus Development Kit 1. You can get an impression of what first-person kombat might be like by watching the video embedded above. Could this be the future of Mortal Kombat's famed finishers?

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