Mortal Kombat. 2010
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RE: Fan Submission: Mortal Kombat. 2010
01/27/2011 07:39 AM EST
They're all incredible.

The standouts for me from left to right:

Mileena: She looks like a sick dominatrix who'll get off of slicing you to bits. How perfect is that? This is mostly thanks to the tiny spikes in her outfit. Also, your shade of lilac is a much better fit for her than the standard pink.

Jax: Futuristic cop vibe. Very sleek.

Kitana: I would actually want to play as that Kitana based on looks alone - sadly, her looks in-game have been the biggest turn-off for me for a while. The color scheme is excellent. I don't know how you did it, but her facial features stand out and seem to radiate a strong personality; I keep waiting for her to say something very important. Great job, you make the official Kitana of MK9 look like a kindergarden drawing.

Sonya: On your Sonya 2010 thread, I said I would be extremely happy if she looked like this in the new game, and I stand by it. You evoke MK3 and MK4 in a stylish, sleek new package. The top is marvelous. And I love the skintight, latex-like pants. I would've given her spiked heels just because I like them on her, but I think I'm the only one in MKO tongue

Jade: Hadn't seen this one before, and my eyes instantly zipped over to her. Beautiful. What's funny is you have the same basic "bra and panties" set-up that NRS went for with Kitana, but you put a unique spin on it with the texture and the shape of the cloths, and that made all the difference. The hair is my favorite feature. She looks very poised and mysterious.

Tanya: Love it to death. I liked MKD-A Tanya, but this beats her ass ten times over. She looks extremely elegant and refined, but emanates a certain, subtle "danger". She looks less warrior-like as compared to the other female ninjas, and I think that's great - Tanya does get ahead on her cunning, not specifically her fighting. You incorporated that beautifully in your design.

Reptile: I hate palette-swaps, which is one of the reasons I'm against human Reptile, but again, putting your own spin on an otherwise bland concept made all the difference. He is clearly lizard-like and not human, but retains enough humanoid features to evoke his early appearances. The reptilian, scale-like outfit is genius. Great work on the texture and the color. He's very crocodile-like, and it works perfectly for him! Much more so than the generic reptilian of past incarnations.

Sareena: Very gothic - what impresses me is that you stuck to a very, VERY basic color scheme, but still managed to come up with an interesting design that more than justifies the choice.

Quan Chi: Total re-imagining, and totally worth it. This is one instance where you didn't draw that much from the original designs, and I'm glad you didn't, because your take is, overall, superior. I can understand Quan Chi's current design, being that he's supposed to be a powerhouse character in hand-to-hand combat, but your mage-like concept adds variety to MK's otherwise predictable roster, and I'll always support that above all else.

Great job, and thanks again for that awesome Sonya that I still have saved on my laptop grin

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RE: Fan Submission: Mortal Kombat. 2010
01/29/2011 09:59 AM EST
Thanks guys, I will pair some of these up on some action peices!
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RE: Fan Submission: Mortal Kombat. 2010
01/29/2011 01:50 PM EST
JAX007 Wrote:
Thanks guys, I will pair some of these up on some action peices!

Kitana and Sareena please. pretty please. Just for lil me tongue.
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RE: Fan Submission: Mortal Kombat. 2010
04/04/2011 06:33 PM EDT
Simply magnificent!
I love how Tanya and Rain are present- I like your idea of MK2011!
EDIT: My favorites are Tanya and Jax. Where's Stryker?
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