Ninja God-Prince Rain
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Having defeated her opponents, CaTigeReptile was granted full access to the sorcerer's cookbooks. There, she succeeded in discovering the sequence of ingredients necessary to satisfy her hunger with delicious results. Have a nice day.

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Though, initially, I was not particularly fond of the style, I am aware that your initial intent was to experiment with a different approach and I can say that I am impressed with the result. It bears a resemblance to a character straight out of Asian folklore, whether it be a Godlike being or a warlord.

Having examined the piece a bit more thoroughly, I do wish that I'd have rated it at least one point higher than my initial 3-out-of-5, because the image is deceptively remarkable. Overall, I'd have to retract my previous grade and hand it a very deserving 4/5.

Damn; I really need to start inspecting works of art more thoroughly before I rate them. *headdesk* Epicfail on my part, definitely.
While this doesn't scream "Rain" to me, I very much like the style. I do see that it's Rain, by his hair & lightning, but the face is obscure.

Reminds me of an 80's painting.

I like this, it looks artsy. You should do a follow up piece. Zoom out a bit to show him from the waist up, surrounded by a "cage" of lightning.

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