Ninja Reptile Colored
09/15/2003 02:16 AM (UTC)by
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Lol, well don't be too hard on yourself, I quite like it.
Now that those scales and the tail have gone, it does look more like a ninja now.
I think he looks pretty good.
The upper body looks pretty good, but the legs still suffer fro the same problem as before, bit skinny.
Also, I'm not too sure if his eyes line up, lol.
Definately prefer this version to the original, mainly because the colour job you did is very nice, it suits the picture extremely well.
Nice job smile.
09/14/2003 03:40 PM (UTC)
It's been a while Hydro...
Anyway, the costume itself looks good, although, I notice a flaw on Reptile's mask cover. It's kind of out of place? And why didn't you complete his legs with his feet? It would of been interesting you see.
Good job though, keep it up.
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09/14/2003 04:32 PM (UTC)
Hmm... well this is pretty good. I pointed out the drawings flaws, but the coloring job looks pretty much flawless to me. This does look like a ninja, but to me it still doesn't look like Reptile did when he was in a ninja form. Then again, this is your own version, which I appreciate. The color you used for the attire overall is a little dark I'd say, but since this was done in your own style, its good. You did a pretty nice job darkening and shadowing where you needed too, nice job preserving the muscle structure you already had in place. I don't particularly like the veins still, but they aren't bad, still pretty nice. Seeing the color version, the head sort of stands out as being a bit too plain to me, I think you should have added some other details to it. The 'ropes' are a nce color though, fitting. Not a bad job, but if you say you are going to touch it up, I'd like to see more details for the head in general, I think it would give this drawing more perk. Great all-around coloring job though,
09/15/2003 02:16 AM (UTC)
The picture is pretty nice. Anatomy comes into play when problems are mentioned. As I've told some other members, try to look at yourself in a mirror or look at an anatomy book. It helps once the drawing of the human anatomy has been perfected. It produces bolder pictures. Keep practicing and you'll get it.

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