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05/14/2015 07:00 AM EST
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RE: Fan Submission: Reptile
05/28/2015 07:43 PM EST

So simple. So Reptile. So... it.

It gives me that MK1-2-3 feel, not the over the top things we get nowadays!
Nice work.
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RE: Fan Submission: Reptile
05/31/2015 11:25 AM EST
A nice compromise.

Giving him more human/bearded dragon like skin tone and less of a green color while also maintaining the reptilian scales and appearance.

I still prefer Reptile to go full on Lizard but, I wouldn't mind this. It's a heck of a lot more interesting than the ninja template they keep shackling him to.
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RE: Fan Submission: Reptile
06/01/2015 04:00 PM EST
Love the feral looking, shredded, torn top. You can see the oldschool base, and the new shoulder pads, pauldron ninja outfit, in a nice transition piece.

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