The team at NetherRealm Studios may have been absent from this year's San Diego Comic-Con -- but it turns out Mortal Kombat was still pretty well represented on the convention floor!

There was, of course, the booth announcement of Mortal Kombat X action figures coming from Mezco Toyz in 2015! We were just as excited to see fans representing MK unofficially in the expo's legendary kosplay stakes. Two fans took the dress-up game to a whole new realm - instigating what we at Mortal Kombat Online are calling the Mariachi Alliance! Are they good or evil? We don't know. We just know they can't be stopped:

Musikality: Is Mariachi Sub-Zero throwing Lin Kuei gang signs? [via Game Informer]

Hey Mortals!: They're gonna fight for their right to mariachi. [via @noobde]

Charred 'n' Charro: More toasty pics by: @funnyordie, @Karen_Rought & @Desoluz!

For taking Mortal Kombat back to absurd new places we can only offer these mysterious masked men [and Zorro!] our Friendship! Got your own kosplay pics to share? We love to see fans get kreative! Register to post your pics in the Fan Submission forum!

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