You may remember her as the original winner of America's Next Top Model. If not, you might be more familiar with her posterior -- deemed illegal by San Diego authorities in the Summer of 2011. What ever Adrianne Curry is to you, she will likely now be the girl who was Mileena.

Accompanied by friend Alicia Marie (as Jade) -- the model and pop culture enthusiast brought a little Mortal Kombat to the floor of this year's San Diego Comic Con.

Adrianne Curry & Alicia Marie dress business casual for afternoon stroll. [via @The Daily Mail]

It's been a long time since SDCC was reserved for the comics and superheroes that started it all. As the Comic Con phenomenon has grown, the breadth of subjects represented has expanded to accommodate a broader pop spectrum. Mortal Kombat: Legacy was one of many film and television projects with an overall dominant presence at this year's event [full story].

Variations on the simple "ninja" theme -- from the Mortal Kombat movie(s), or early games -- have had a steady presence for quite some time. Since the 2011 reboot, however, MK Kosplay seems to have stepped it up a notch. Costumes are appearing in greater number, with ever increasing attention to the accuracy and quality of the designs.

Warner Brothers themselves have helped spur this movement, launching the game with heavily promoted official cosplay models [read more]. We'll presume it's that factor that led Business Insider to take an interested in the development of Curry's ensemble. We're also quite confident tailoring is what will attract your interest in more images from SDCC.

Curry may have delighted crowds, light content providers, and even posed with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon -- but as she documents in graphic detail, it wasn't all fun and games.

An allergic reaction to latex prevented prolonged use of a character authentic Mileena mouthpiece. The Tarkatan grin left the model frowning, as revealed in a pre-Con Facebook post. After a few days walking the con, it sounds like the toll was significant.

"Bruises cover my body from head to toe...flesh is torn off my nips and other areas from double stick tape...I have open wounds on my scalp from wigs...and the blood and ooze from open blisters saturate my socks.....Cosplay, ladies and gentlemen!"

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