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07/01/2011 01:27 AM EDT
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RE: Fan Submission: Sheeva
07/02/2011 09:21 AM EDT
It's nice. I like the 80's hair/pin-up vibe it has going for it. I especially like the attention to detail with Sheeva's spots. It seems a lot of people pick her primary but don't give her alternate a go. I also feel the bottom arms and the hips lose dynamism from the rest of your picture; those two arms kind of sit there and her legs seem too stiff. Her bellybutton and centre isn't centered and this might be because she's twisted a little for the pose but it doesn't look right.

Good work though. I enjoyed it and that someone actually listened to a request on here.

Wanna try your hand at Khameleon :P
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RE: Fan Submission: Sheeva
07/02/2011 11:35 AM EDT
There was a request for this? That was completely coincidental. I appreciate the critique.
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