Sindel # 2
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Sindel # 2
08/18/2004 02:04 PM EDT
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RE: Fan Art: Sindel # 2
08/21/2004 02:49 PM EDT
Well, it's cool but you gotta' watch the anatomy proportions. For example, the head is too big, the arms are too short.
Also, the energy around her right hand doesn't look like energy, it looks like Cheerleader's Pom-Pom (Spelling?), it looks hairy instead of glowing.
Keep practicing, you got some skills.
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RE: Fan Art: Sindel # 2
08/21/2004 03:09 PM EDT
I have to agree with my cousin.

I see you have ability, but you still need to work hard on proportions. That and anatomy are the big ones to work on.

The body parts need to look like they belong together.

If you look at her head, you can see that it's bigger than her hips.

Look for things like that when doing the next one.

The energy around her hand looks like a pom-pom. (spelling?)

To make it look more like energy, you should use more of an OUTLINE. If you draw all the things in it like that then it ends up looking like hair.

Actually, the energy should be drawn similar to how you did the hair.

You might just draw parts of her hand too, so it looks like her hand is in the energy.

Check out some comic books for more ideas on how to do that.

The knuckles on the left hand should never be flat. It should make a slight curve. The middle finger and the pointer finger's stick out further when the fist is closed.

Like a slight check mark.

One very important thing is that whenever you get stuck, or even if you're not stuck, USE REFERENCE. Look at photos of real people, draw from them, use a mirror for hard poses, use action figures for poses.

Anything you can use that will make your work look better.

keep at it!
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