a MK fan film.
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a MK fan film.
08/21/2003 07:15 PM EDT
eh, it's only a small film I got some clips taken for... if you got ideas or thoughts or stuff, tell me. And I know the story isn't much. I just played around with camera, found 'hey that's a cool scene', added story and more scenes to it, and got myself half of a small movie. It doesn't even have a name yet... but I figured to share anyway.

plot is as follows.

it shows a MK fight, in a computer game. Quan Chi/Shinnok wins. Instead of a regular ending, it shows the player, how to make a ritual to gain the power to release Shinnok and Netherealm to this world. It also shows Quan laughing and being like, 'hahaha, this guy's on our side. He is perfect for the task of making the three ceremons to open a portal from Hell. He will have the power to go to the ancient ceremon places, where they now have probably built some cheap houses, having no idea of what in reality lies there'

so the guy stares his eyes out, gets up, does the ceremon. And seems to get posessed. He then demonstrates his vast power to himself, and pulls out a black book from somewhere. He writes some stuff he reads from the book in air with smoke and calls it ceremon 1.

Then, he touches a wall and is gone. Finds himself... (ceremon 2 not yet certain, I'll make that in my basement)

he's in a hallway, and shocks a door open. Walks in the door, and a guy who's there, comes up and gets killed/knocked out. He walks on, pulls the book out magically, reads from the end parts, and appears a candle on a drum. He, from his hands, lights the candle on fire, and plays the drum. This causes the flame to burst forward and open a portal in someone's living room.

After Shinnok's face appears in the portal, it zooms in to where he is, and he gives a small speech of 'we have been trapped here in this desolet dead realm for too long. The sorcerer Quan Chi has manipulated a portal to open from inside the Earth realm. From through this small portal, I shall take my most loyal followers, and my sorcerer. And there we will destroy and crush, until' Earth is as dead and empty of life as the Netherealm has ever been, while the Netherealm shall rise to life. The dead of the yet living realms shall become alive in the realm I alone control. So GO, DESTROY!!'

Some apocalyptic scenes that have to be cut from MK:A. Then, it shows the guy who was knocked out, wake up, realize he's seeing some demon, and curse that he woke up.
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