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Info on MK3 Movie
03/23/2003 01:15 AM EST
This is a chat from these questions were answered by an MK conquest producer.

NosajMKD My question is for the 3rd film with the movie be released with New Line or who will it be with and this time will Threshold have control over how the movie goes unlike the New Line MKA matter? Joshua_We Nosaj - we have gotten all the rights back from New Line - Threshold will be in control!

Shaddow18 Is it possible you all can at least bring Quan Chi back he was like the awesome villain other then the head of the shadow priest Joshua_We Shaddow - your wish will be granted...

Orchid Is there any chance of Christopher coming back to work as Rayden? Joshua_We orchid - yes.

BlackBelt TV network president Josh Wexler says: that his company is producing the third Mortal Kombat movie, but he couldn't say much more. He did mention that "we're going to reinvent the fighting genre. You're going to see fights like you've never seen before."

Brian Thompson(Shoa Kahn)stated that everyone from the second film had signed an agreement to come back if a third were to be made, everyone except killed of charecters (Buh bye Brian) which therefore leads us to believe that we should be expecting an Official announcment of Robyn Shou, Sandra Hess, Talisa Soto being "in" soon!

This is all exciting progress on the MK3 movie also stated is that the Blind Kenshi will be in it.
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