MK Action Figures and Shinnoks Amulet
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MK Action Figures and Shinnoks Amulet
08/28/2017 08:31 AM EST
Hello guys,
I was looking into this link yesterday

And then I realized the MK action figures available out there don't resemble what I remember from the first games, specially the one from KINTARO. You will notice these figures from the NetherRealm Studio are worn out, yet they are awesome. I think the Kintaro AF available these days is very good too, but clearly it's not the same thing.

And what about Shinnok's amulet? I couldn't find a replica anywhere. No one have made one yet? This year MK Mythologies will be 20 years old.

I saw the same thing for Resident Evil. The Jill Valentine AFs out there don't look like the Jill I remember from the 1996 game, and the same can be said about other characters. I know it's really hard to create these toys. Still, it is a fact that many times what is offered is not the same thing at all.
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RE: MK Action Figures and Shinnoks Amulet
09/05/2017 09:06 PM EST
With the MK "action figures" (I'm assuming you mean the motion capture statues they used for the early games), I think I heard that, when they were transferring to their new location, some sort of natural disaster struck their old offices, ruining a lot of their assets, and these figures barely survived. I think it was a big deal when they found them, again, since they thought they were lost forever.

As far as Shinnok's Amulet goes, I'm pretty sure cosplayers have made their own version of it for Shinnok or Quan Chi costumes, but I don't know if there's a specific place online that manufactures props like that for cosplayers, specifically.
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