Mortal Kombat: Epic Battles CCG
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Mortal Kombat: Epic Battles CCG
09/27/2016 06:05 PM EST
Anybody ever play/collect the old Epic Battles card game from 2005/06? I'm currently trying to complete the set, I'm missing 7 cards out of the 205 card set. Specifically I'm looking for:

Round 1 set:
U116 Hooked on Fatalities
H119 The Dragon King

Premier set:
R76 Bo Rai Cho's Earthquake
U83 Dragon's Victory
U84 Kollecting Kamidogu
H85 Quan Chi
H86 The Dragon King

I have every other card, willing to trade for/buy the cards I listed, if anyone has any of them please let me know, thank in advance
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