Mortal Kombat in Tron Legacy
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Mortal Kombat in Tron Legacy
02/24/2020 03:29 PM EST
02/24/2020 03:32 PM EST

So I never noticed this before and it is funny because according to the movie lines the game shouldn't exist in Flynn's Arcade but it is there. So when Sam is walking towards the Tron machine in the back wall when he gets to Flynn's, the first game on the left he passes is the original Mortal Kombat. You can just make out the Warrior Shrine background and the life bars at the top of the screen. Anyone else noticed this in this film? Kind of funny how Tron was in the 80's and that it closed sometime after his disappearance but if it closed in the 80's Mortal Kombat would not have existed. It is funny though they put it in the movie.

Here is a link to the scene. At about 1:17 you'll see on the left Mortal Kombat and it is Liu Kang fighting in the Warrior Shring against Raiden or Kano.

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