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The Mortal Kombat movie becomes officially available in wide release!

The Mortal Kombat movie becomes officially available in select theatres and streaming to HBO Max on April 23rd[1]. Check regional markets for local show times and availability. Some HBO Max streaming content may be carried by local providers.

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I think the movie will receive terrific reviews and a WWE wrestler, The Mix would have been perfect for the role of Johnny Cage!

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04/24/2021 02:02 AM (UTC)Edited 04/24/2021 02:15 AM (UTC)

Just finished watching the movie. I'll try not to list any spoilers, unless it's cool with the mods at this point.

Will say right off the bat it's miles better than the abomination Annihilations was. I'm not sure I would say it's better than the OG film though. Only because they did take some liberties with story, despite still staying pretty faithful to the lore. It's not as ingenious as what Snyder and WB did with Superman and the Snyderverse, but as a long time MK fan like many here, I still take some issues with it. It's just natural.

The fight scenes definitely felt more authentic. For the amount of characters they stuffed in, it didn't feel bloated like Annihilations. Although 2 characters (I won't name them) where still very cheesy, to the point of being almost worst than how Baraka was done in Annihilations. The special effects did help to hide some of the movies flaws IMO.

Also really liked the amount of Easter eggs hidden throughout the movie. Extremely well done.

Kano and Cole are the 2 standouts IMO for the movie. I actually like Cole so much, that I would actually like to see Netherrealm actually add him into the game at some point. Although under a different character monarch, than simply Cole Young.

Sonya is also definitely spot on as well IMO. Very good replacement for Bridgette Wilson

From all the leaks I've read pre release, they lined up pretty accurately with how the film played out. So maybe I didn't walk away as exited if i had seen it with fresh eyes, Was still very entertaining though.

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