Question about MK Conquest...DVD/Video CD's
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Question about MK Conquest...DVD/Video CD's
05/25/2003 02:46 AM EDT
I have most of the episodes recorded on VHS by either myself or ones I've acquired on the internet, but...

I think it really sucks that these (DVD/Video CD) are only available outside of the US. I know that I can't watch the DVD's due to them being Region 2.

Here are my questions:

1. Can I watch the Video CD's that are available to buy on the net (which are PAL) even though I am on NTSC equipment?

2. I heard that some things got changed in the DVD versions of the show, is the same true for the Video CD's?

3. Assuming that I can watch them, to save me the trouble of tracking them all down would someone on this site be willing to sell me their copies of MKC on Video CD OR get me the episodes that I'm missing on VHS?

Thank you and good day!
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