Sub-Zero Film Idea
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Sub-Zero Film Idea
04/17/2018 09:14 PM EST
Hi, all! I've been a member for many years, but this is my first time starting a thread and the reason being that I'd like to get community feedback on an idea. Being a screenwriter I have written and mused about adapting other art into films/series, but none are as close to my heart as this idea based on my favorite MK character, Sub-Zero.

In the industry we have what are called "loglines," which are one or two sentence summaries of an idea usually for a film that hooks producers, directors, studios, actors, etc into hopping on board to help realize it to it's fullest potential and the description you might see online as an audience member that helps you decide whether you'd want to take the time and money to go see a particular movie at the theaters or not. This film that I'm envisioning would be centered on Kuai Liang and take place shortly after Bi-Han's death between the time of MK1 and MK2. If you guys could tell me which of these short summaries sound the most enticing to you, that would be the most likely to get you to go watch it, that would be awesome!

1) A cold-hearted warrior from an occult league of assassins pursues his brother's killer and truth behind his murder.

2) After the news of his brother's untimely demise, an assassin with ice powers hunts for his brother's killer and to uncover the truth behind his murder.

3) A cold-hearted assassin from an elite occult group of professional killers hunts down his brother's murderer and to uncover the truth behind his death.

4) With fire in his heart, a cold-blooded warrior from an occult clan of assassins hunts his brother's killer and the truth behind his murder.

Please let me know your thoughts and any suggestions. smile