Liu Kang advice please help, combo enders, openers, I am missing some elements to master him!
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hey guys, I have found out something very frustrating this evening that maybe you can help me with, I have only 41h on MK1, I wish so much to main Liu Kang and this evening I am so frustrated, so
1. I don't understand how am I not converting a F43 full hit, I hit them with F43 and then when I try to start the B23 B23 333 combo they just simply block it, my first hit, so I can't even start it,
2. what is the timing on the grab and kung lao teleport I need to hit, maybe you can tell me when in the animation I need to hit teleport because the same they just get up in time, and block.

OK now thanks to some help the situation is like this:
I got the kombo off the throw learned at 9 hits 196.46% damage, now I need just to get my kombos going, I am watching for example this out of the many liu kombo videos out there like for example the one below

YouTubeTM Video: Liu Kang guide by [ AVirk13 ] | Mortal Kombat 1

Views: 29,134

the problem is that after I hit with F43 and let's say I do get and BF3MB (I assume MB means main block? I can't connect like he does in the video with the follow up, I feel like the opponent is so far away from me from that BF3MB, any tips?
And I'm still not doing the best with the throw kombo because now I see I need to end with BF3, actually pretty much everything ends in a BF3 and I have so much trouble ending with it, if you know what needs to be done? I mean the input is there as you can see in the picture, I throw, then teleport, do B23 then connect like a F333 but then I miss the last BF3 to go to 220%.......
sometimes I connect it when in practice but I don't know the reason for why the last BF3 is connecting when it does, does it have anything with releasing the F (forward button) or something else...... I want to get this down to the letter then go Kasual the Kompetitive.

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