Mk12 should look like this here!
posted03/22/2020 12:52 PM (UTC)by
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10/25/2019 06:03 AM (UTC)

I know I have posted about this subject before but I really feel die hard fans of MK really need to check out this video on YouTube about an MK Mugen Game called MORTAL KOMBAT OUTWORLD BY: BLACK CYRAX. Man.... I think this game has the potential to be the next game if u ask me, It has the moves, characters, arenas, presentation, etc. If there's someone who agrees u guys should really spread the word, anyway this is the video: MORTAL KOMBAT OUTWORLD BY: BLACK CYRAX

04/16/2020 06:40 PM (UTC)

Why on earth should MK12 look like this?

This is a pathetic attempt at marketing this MUGEN game. I am embarrassed for you.

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