mortal kombat 12 fighting style .
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11/29/2020 05:47 PM (UTC)

any idea of character with fighting style ?.

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Things I Hope to see More of in MK1!!

03/13/2021 05:18 AM (UTC)

Id like to have no variations when i pick character i want lots of different Kombo options. There should be special wakups again like MK 2011. I dont want to deal with any wakup 50 50 punish an upercut should always beat a dash in attack on wakup uppercuts too. The crushing blows are to kasual friendly they need to go. Xray fatal blows fine MK 2011 style kombo breakers dashes and juggles. So basically we need a MK 2011 style game with new character specials and more Kombos also skins gear onlline towers and better graphics. It Has Begun!!!

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