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So, I had this crazy idea of making an own concept for new story mode, and here it is. This is long as f***, but I hope someone enjoys it. Sorry for the horrible grammar. I wrote this in my native language first and translated it kinda quickly.

I wanted to avoid time travel gimmicks in this story, so the idea is that Liu Kang wants to protect the Hourglass so that no one can use it for the wrong purposes anymore. For protection, he sends the surviving heroes to retrieve the bodies/revenants of previously dead heroes so that they can be revived with Jinsei energy, which, however, has all sorts of consequences. At the same time, however, both Outworld and Netherrealm have their own plans for Hourglass, and both realms are recruiting both the living and the dead.

I decided to post all the chapters here as separate messages. Let me know what you think!

The story begins directly after Aftermath’s events. Fire God Liu Kang has summoned Nightwolf and Fujin, who were released during the dead of Shang Tsung, human Raiden, Sub-Zero, Jax, Jacqui. Past versions of all the characters have disappeared. Liu Kang notes that since the dead of Shang Tsung, Sindel has also been revitalized, so they assume that she is trying to access the Hourglass also, which Liu Kang himself has thought to protect by magic. In addition, Cassie and Johnny are probably still Sindel’s prisoners in an unknown location.
Liu Kang and partners state that they must prepare to defend Hourglass from Sindel. Raiden says there are too few of them and therefore they need to bring the dead heroes to life and with the combined forces of Liu Kang, Fujin and Jinsei energy it can succeed, because now that Quan Chi, Shinnok and Shang Tsung are out of the game, the souls of the dead are longer reversible, so they take action. The bodies of the revenants of Jade, Kitana and Kung Lao are already at the Hourglass and the headless Kotal is also nearby, but the body of Hanzo Hasashi, who was killed by D’Vorah, must be retrieved from the Fire Gardens. In addition, the Revenant versions of Kabal, Smoke, and Stryker will be in Netherrealm along with Noob Saibot. In addition to this, Sonya’s body is stuck in Netherrealm’s Cathedral. Something else must be invented to return them to the right side of history.
For this reason, Liu Kang sends Jax and Jacqui to rescue Cassie and Johnny from Sindel, Raiden to fetch Jinsei energy from the Sky Temple, Sub-Zero to fetch Scorpion's body from Fire Gardens, Fujin and Nightwolf to Netherreal to try to get Kabal, Smoke, Stryker and Noob Saibot outta there. Fujin and Sub-Zero suspect that returning Noob Saibot back to life will not necessarily do anything good, but Liu Kang is urging Raiden to try. So the heroes leave to execute their missions.

Chapter 1: Reptile
The Reptile, who is left alone, wanders the Outworld. He’s on his way to Nitara because he knows Nitara’s goal is to free his own people from Outworld as well. When Reptile finds Nitara, he says he offers him an alliance, but Nitara refuses to listen and attacks Shao Kahn's servant (the player's first kombat). Reptile wins and says he is not interested in serving Shao Kahn’s army anymore, but wants to free his own people like Nitara. Nitara understands Reptile’s idea, and they decide to form an alliance. Nitara tells Reptile that the solution to their problems may be found from the volcano.
At the foot of the volcano, however, Nitara and Reptile are attacked by Khameleon, who believes that Reptile, as a servant of Shao Kahn, is complicit in the genocide of their people. Reptile and Khameleon battle, and Reptile wins (the player's second kombat). After defeating Khameleon, Reptile explains again that he can do nothing for his former sins, but at the moment he is only and exclusively interested in reviving his people and hopes that Khameleon, his long-lost fellow species, could help with that. Khameleon is skeptical of Nitara, but is willing to help them for the sake of her people.
In the Lava Shrine, Reptile, Nitara and Khameleon end up in front of a large altar. The altar has a giant dragon egg that Nitara says will solve all their problems. Before they get any further, however, D’Vorah and Ermac show up, explaining that Shao Kahn has made them watch over the dragon’s egg for a reason, and they can’t let Outworld’s traitors touch it. Reptile wins them both in battle (the player’s third and fourth kombat), and Nitara is ready to kill them, but Ermac teleports them away.
Nitara uses her powers and makes the egg hatch. Reptile asks Nitara what’s happening in horror, but she just thanks Reptile for his help in fulfilling the Brotherhood of Shadows’s plan and leaves. Before Khameleon and Reptile figure out what the Brotherhood of Shadow has to do with anything, a large ray of light bursts from the hatching egg, throwing Reptile and Khameleon into the wall. As they rise up, a huge dragon rises from the egg.

Chapter 2: Jax & Jacqui
Liu Kang has sent Jax and Jacquin and a small bunch of Special Forces soldiers to Shang Tsung’s Island in search of the Cages. He believes they have been taken to be tortured in Shang Tsung’s Flesh Pits, so Jax and Jacqui head there. Surprisingly, they don't find the Cages there, but Skarlet, who is doing Blood Magik tricks with the bodies. Jacqui and Jax ask Skarlet what she’s doing in Flesh Pits and why he still serves Outworld even though his master is dead. Skarlet says he is serving the new master and is on his business. Follow the battle in which Jacqui defeats the Skarlet who flees the scene afterwards (the player's fifth kombat).
As Jax and Jacqui state that they cannot find the Cages on Shang Tsung’s Island, they move to Outworld with the help of a portal opened by Liu Kang. In Outworld, the air is thick, as if a volcano had just erupted. Jax and Jacqui wonder how they could find the Cages, but came up with no alternative but to go to Shao Kahn’s Fortress. Jacqui is ready to attack there and destroy Sindel right away, but Jax points out that there is no reason to attack Sindelunprepared. Instead, they should try to tie Sindel's troops into battle with Special Forces and go on a secret search for the Cages from the dungeons.
At Shao Kahn's Fortress, Jax instructs his troops to attack, looking as unintentional as possible, directly towards the main gate, so that Sindel's Shokan army consisting mostly of meatheads will surely attack them. Once the battle begins, Erron Black appears on the scene and begins a battle with Jax (the player's sixth kombat) at the same time as Jacqui sets out in search of the Cages. Jax defeats Erron Black and remains to fight the Shokan Army, while Erron leaves to warn Sindel.
Jacqui manages to break into the dungeon of the fortress and finds the tortured Johnny and Cassie in the dungeons. Jacqui is trying to release them from their shackles as he is thrown into the wall from behind. The thrower is Kollector against whom Jacqui fights and wins (player's seventh kombat). After releasing the injured Johnny and Cassie, Jacqui is trying to flee from the dungeons with them, but Sindel’s Banshee cry knocks down the whole gang. Sindel says she knew the Cages would be fetched, but would have liked the bunch of saviours to be a little more relevant to Earthrealm’s future.
Sindel is about to strangle the good guys with her hair as a small Special Forces strike force, led by Jax, attacks from behind and thwarts his intentions. Sindel kills members of the strike force one at a time in imaginative ways. Jax remains and tells Jacqui to evacuate the Cages. He himself remains to pay back to Sindel, which he unexpectedly wins (the player’s eighth kombat). Sindel, however, does not go unconscious, but remains to threaten Jax that not rescuing the Cages will not save them and that the Earthrealm is still doomed. The Briggs clear their way through the Shokan army out of the fortress and begin their escape towards the portal.

Chapter 3: Fujin & Nightwolf
Fujin and Nightwolf arrive in Netherrealm and immediately end up fighting the demons. They win the devils easily and continue their journey towards the cathedral, wondering to whom the demons’ loyalties belong currently. However, the cathedral is unguarded, so they think Netherrealm has become more or less abandoned. Because the cathedral has been rebuilt, they don’t know where to look for Sonya’s body. They decide to split.
A moment after the split, Fujin collides with Kabal, who starts the fight (the player's ninth kombat). Fujin defeats Kabal and ties him up for the return trip. He leaves Kabal and continues his journey in the cathedral, but before he can move on, Stryker comes to blame that he cannot be defeated as easily as Kabal. Fujin wins him easily (player's tenth kombat) and ties the cop up.
Meanwhile, Nightwolf is on the other side of the cathedral looking for Sonya. Sonya can't be found, but Smoke arrives. Nightwolf tries to ask him who his master is at the moment, but Smoke says he only serves the Brotherhood of Shadow. Nightwolf and Smoke fight (player's eleventh kombat), and Nightwolf wins, but Smoke is allowed to flee the scene due to his blinding smoke attack, and Nightwolf can't catch him. Disappointed, he continues his journey and comes to the place where Sonya died.
Nightwolf senses Sonya's presence and thinks it's due to the closeness of her body, but surprisingly Nitara appears behind her. Nightwolf asks if Nitara now serves Shinnok, but Nitara says she is employed by an another master. Then Nightwolf and Nitara fight and Nightwolf knocks Nitara out of the game (player's twelfth kombat). After the fight, he finds Sonya's body, takes it with him and sets out in search of Fujin, whom he finds with unconscious Kabal and Stryker.
When he meets Nightwolf again, Fujin thinks that Smoke hasn't been found yet, but Nightwolf says he failed to capture Smoke. However, Fujin is pleased to have saved three of their former friends from Netherrealm and hopes Raiden and Sub-Zero will succeed in their own missions.

Chapter 4: Noob Saibot
Meanwhile, somewhere in the Netherrealm, Noob Saibot talks to a threatening figure in the dark. It is revealed that the character is Havik, who has taken Netherrealm under his control. He tells Noob Saibot that he is about to return to control Chaosrealm and that his first action is to put Outworld in a state of confusion so that Earthrealm's ignorant people think it is weak and start a final battle against Outworld so he can get to the Hourglass and mess up the Sands of Time.
Havik says the plan is already succeeding, but he says he needs more warriors to make all thing work properly. Noob Saibot says he has just taken Kano's body to Netherrealm and thinks Kano could be a very suitable candidate for Havik's crew, which Havik agrees. However, he says the current revenants aren’t strong enough, but really good fighters are needed, so he suggests that Noob goes out to see if it would still be possible to assemble an army of the living dead from the remains of Cyber Lin Kuei. Before that, Havik uses his magic powers and brings Kano to life.
Kano is happy with his new form and also interested in Havik’s plans, but feels a need for a bigger role in the plan. However, Noob intervenes and says he is in the lead of this plan, not Kano. Noob and Kano fight (player's thirteenth kombat), and Noob wins.
Noob is already ready to go find the Cyber Lin Kuei, but that's when Smoke shows up and tells that Nighwolf and Fujin are on a rescue mission in the Netherrealm. He tells Smoke to go ahead to check on the situation of the destroyed Cyber Lin Kuei and sets out to challenge Nightwolf and Fujin himself. Fujin and Nightwolf are just opening the portal back to Earthrealm when Noob Saibot shows up, hijacking Sonya’s body away from Nightwolf, saying they have other affairs with her. Nightwolf challenges Noob (the player’s fourteenth kombat), but Noob wins. Fujin gets the portal open during the fight and tells Nightwolf to take Kabal and Stryker and go through the portal to the Earthrealm while he takes care of Noob. Fujin and Noob fight (the player's fifteenth kombat), but at the end of the battle, Noob wins and throws through Fujin himself into an unknown dimension through a portal created by Noob himself. Then Noob himself leaves to the Earthrealm.
At the Cyber Lin Kuei factory, Noob notices that not all of the Cyber Lin Kuei were destroyed, because Raiden did not manage to overload Frost’s circuit on the timeline disrupted by Shang Tsung. So Sektor and Frost are still up and running and trying to get Cyrax back on track with new adjustments. Noob Saibot arrives at them peacefully and suggests that Lin Kuei should unite with the Brotherhood of Shadow, but Frost refuses because she thinks she and the new Lin Kuei should rule the world, not a skeleton from the Chaosrealm. Dissatisfied with the outcome of the negotiation, Noob Saibot begins an endurance battle against Frost and Sektor simultaneously, defeating them (the player’s sixteenth kombat). At the end of the battle, he tears off both Frost's and Sector's heads and says they are of more benefit to the Brotherhood of Shadow dead than alive. He then takes the heads of Frost, Sektor and Cyrax with him and goes back to the Netherrealm.

Chapter 5: Raiden

The specialty of this part is that because Raiden is not yet used to being human, the energy available to him decreases with each fight. Raiden, accustomed to his humanity, travels to his Sky Temple, of which he is no longer the possessor. He speculates that Outworld forces operating without the magical powers of Quan Chin or Shang Tsung are also interested in Jinsei, so he is ready for an attack. Not long after Raiden feels someone is watching himself.
Raiden tells the observer to show up, and Reptile and Khameleon appear. Raiden is amazed and asks Reptile why they are in his temple. Reptile laughs and says that the Sky Temple is no longer his temple, but that it doesn’t matter in itself, for his ruler will destroy it anyway while he frees him and the people of Khameleon. Reptile considers Raiden, who has become human, weak and attacks him, but Raiden fights and wins (the player's seventeenth kombat).
After the battle between Raiden and Reptile, Raiden wonders where’s Khameleon really from because he thought Reptile was the last free Saurian. Khameleon replies that they are not the only ones, but there are also others and soon they will be free again. Raiden says he has nothing against the Saurians, but if they threaten the security of the Earthrealm, he, even as a human, is ready to defend it by any means. Follow the battle between Raiden and Khameleon, which Raiden wins (the player's eighteenth kombat).
After winning Reptile and Khameleon, Raiden gathers himself for a short time and then continues his journey into the Sky Temple. Entering Jinsei Chamber, he notices someone has already been there. However, he won’t let it bother him, even though he’s on guard, but will collect Jinsei. After completing his mission, he is ready to go back to the Hourglass, but D’Vorah and Ermac show up from the shadows, telling Raiden to give Jinsei to them.
As Outworld members, they can't bottle the Jinsei themselves, and Sindel needs it to bring Mileena and Baraka back to life and get the Tarkatan army on her side. Raiden objects, saying he really isn’t going to give Sindel that chance and claiming to D’Vorah that Baraka and Mileena want to avenge their deaths, so she shouldn’t serve Sindel either. D’Vorah replies that she will serve Sindel as long as it helps her serve the Hive. Raiden and D’Vorah fight, and Raiden wins (player’s nineteenth kombat).
Ermac then challenges the badly injured Raiden, but since Ermac too is not quite the same as before, Raiden manages to win (the player's twentieth kombat). After winning the battle, Raiden says it would be possible for Ermac to free his soul. Raiden crawls in pain to the Jinsei Pool to recover, but finds that the recovery is not as fast as it was when he was a God. He tries to go back to the portal and to the Hourglass, but he is too weak.
At the same time, Sindel arrives at the scene, telling Raiden that she thought her uncapable slobs would fail even in such a simple task. Raiden tries to defend himself, but it is futile. Sindel lifts Raiden up from the Jinsei pool with her hair and strangles him to death. Shee then returns to Outworld with a dose of Jinsei he stole from Raiden.

Chapter 6: Skarlet & Rain
Skarlet has returned from Havik's order from Shang Tsung Island to Outworld, where she encounters a wanted poster t in which Sindel has declared her a traitor. Skarlet is worried about this, for she now knows that Sindel's allies are after her. According to Havik's instructions, she must look for Rain, who Havik knows, like Sindel, is after Outworld's dominance.
Skarlet returns to the streets of Outworld where she has grown up and asks her old friends if they have heard anything about Rain. Friends are worried that Skarlet is looking for a traitor and fear that Sindel’s revenge will be terrible. Skarlet says that with the chaos caused by her new master, it is possible for plunge Sindel out of her power and make an ordinary people’s revolution in Outworld. To make it happen, she needs the help of the credible and charismatic Rain. Skarlet's friends say Rain has been seen hiding in the alleys and that they are guiding Skarlet to him.
On the alleys, Skarlet and friends can't find Rain, but Erron Black surprises them. He shoots Skarlet's friends, from which Skarlet is enraged. She fights Erron Black and wins (player’s twenty-first kombat), but he manages to escape. After Skarlet defeats Erron Black, Rain, who has begun to look like a beggar, appears and announces that he will not serve in the Outworld army as long as the deceived Queen of Edenia is in power.
Skarlet tries to explain that she's not on Sindel's business, but on her own, but Rain doesn't listen. They battle and Skarlet wins (the player's twenty-second kombat). After her victory, Skarlet explains Rain that he is only going to take advantage of Havik until the opportunity for the ordinary people's revolution in Outworld arises. Rain isn’t sure yet, but asks what he benefits from Skarlet’s revolution, to which Skarlet responds that once the people take power, Edenia will be freed from the shackles of Outworld and Rain, as the son of Argus, will get it under his control. Rain agrees, though he is skeptical and ready to betray Skarlet when the right time comes.
In secret, Skarlet and Rain begin to agitate the people to a revolution, always flirting with each other. Skarlet wanders the streets at the same time as Rain agitates former Edenians to resistance. However, Rain, with his big ego, is too careless and is starting to hold public revolutionary events from which Outworld’s leaders will soon get angry. So at the end of one of these occasions, Kollector arrives with a bunch of baddies to catch Rain, dead or alive. Rain isn't particularly interested in either way, so he beats Kollector's assistants and then challenges Kollector and wins (player's 23rd kombat). Rain exploits the weakness of the fleeing Kollector to show the people that now is the right time to take up arms.
Skarlet gets a hint of Rain’s actions and arrives to teach him a leasson with Li Mei, who has returned to his people in Outworld and believes Skarlet is taking action solely for the people of Outworld, not with the help of Havik. Rain shows in what kind of ecstasy the Edenians have been raised and claims that Skarlet is not doing the same. However, their quarrel is interrupted by information about the approaching Tarkatan army.
However, Rain does not believe there is opposition from the Tarkatans without Baraka, so he is arrogant. However, his mind changes when the huge army arrives, Baraka as their leader. Baraka immediately rushes to attack Skarlet and beats her, but just as he is about to make a deadly blow, Rain bounces him off with his water attack. He asks Baraka if he should be dead, but Baraka proudly explains that Sindel has revived him by using Jinsei energy. Rain doesn’t any more questions, but starts a battle against Baraka and wins (player’s twenty-fourth kombat).
After Baraka loses the battle, the mood of the other Tarkatans deteriorates, and although they have made beaten most of the revolutionaries, they leave the place when Rain begins to use his special powers against them. When the fighting ends, Rain anxiously runs to see how Skarlet is doing. Skarlet, who is waking up, looks at Rain with love and admiration and says it's time to start shedding the blood of the rulers in earnest.

Chapter 7: Milena
In the Shao Kahn’s Fortress, Sindel rages on the failures of his subordinates. He hopes she wouldn’t have been forced to bring Baraka to life to get the Tarkatan army involved. Erron Black, Kollector, Baraka, D’Vorah, and Ermac plead for mercy from the Empress of Outworld, but she says she doesn’t have time to destroy them, because now she has to revive ”the improved version” of her daughter.
Sindel brings Milena back to life with Jinsei energy. When she wakes up, Mileena looks gratefully at Sindel and says she’s ready to take over Outworld with her “mother”. Then she notices D’Vorah, and rages at Sindel for having taken the craze bug lady to serve her. Sindel explains to Mileena that D’Vorah only serves her now, but Mileena doesn’t believe and attacks D’Vorah, winning her in battle (the player’s twenty-fifth kombat).
Mileena is about to give D’Vorah a deadly kiss after the battle, but Sindel throws Mileen aside and says Outworld now needs all its warriors to fight, as the Hourglass must be rescued from the clutches of the Earthrealm and the Skarlet and Rain’s revolutionaries must be destroyed. Mileena understands the situation and promises to go with Ermac and Baraka to demolish the revolt.
Under the leadership of Mileena, a large army of Tarkatan and Shokan is assembled to vanish the resistance. In the battle on the streets, the forces of Skarlet and Rain fight bravely, but in the end they can’t do anything as there are so many Tarkatans and Shokans. Mileena goes alone to challenge Skarlet and Rain. First, she defeats Rain, whose betrayal he says he's finally tired of (player's twenty-sixth kombat). After her victory she tortures Rain, but does not kill him.
Skarlet then tries to stop Mileena who is beating her new boyfriend. However, Mileena wins this battle too (the player's twenty-seventh kombat) and tells Baraka to tie Skarlet and Rain so they can be spectacularly executed on the Colosseum.
Later at the Colosseum, Sindel gives a speech to the public that this is happening to anyone trying to seize power in Outworld.She then orders Mileena to kill Skarlet and Rain the way she wants. Mileena looks at her victims with a smile and then ends up kissing Rain to see how Skarlet reacts on her boyfriend having other mistresses.

However, she does not have time to start, as suddenly a pistol is fired from the audience. She won’t find the shooter until he himself steps out better and reveals himself as Erron Black. Mileena calls Erron Black as a traitor, but he is proportionate to her rage, calmly saying he got a better and more interesting offer from elsewhere. Mileena gets furious and attacks Erron Black (the player's twenty-eighth kombat) and wins.
However, Mileena cannot kill Erron Black either, because after the fight breaks, she finds that Havik, with the help of his demon minions, Noob Saibot and Kano, has taken the upper hand in the Colosseum and is now threatening Sindel. Havik explains that the situation at the Colosseum is such that he does not want anyone to die in a boring way, but hopes that the forces of Rain and Skarlet and the forces of Sindel will come together in an honest civil war. In addition, he hopes that neither party will be hampered by the involvement of a third party. After this, Reptile and Khameleon appear and a shadow of a huge dragon rises above the colosseum.
At the same time, the goodies are in a nervous mood by the Hourglass. Nightwolf is back with his homecoming gifts, as are the Briggs, but nothing can be done to the dead until Raiden returns from Sky Temple. Liu Kang says he has successfully protected the Hourglass, but Outworld may still threaten them, so Raiden should return as soon as possible. He looks hopefully at the lifeless Kitana, and then finds out that he himself has to go get Raiden from the Sky Temple.
Arriving at the Sky Temple, Liu Kang notices the dead Raiden lying on the floor of Jinsei Chamber. He sighs to himself that he thought this was going to happen, but is pleased that Jinsei can save Raiden as well. He carries Raiden to the Jinsei Pool and begins to speak the spell. Gradually, the color returns to Raiden's face and he comes to life. When he wakes up, Raiden asks what has happened, and Liu Kang explains that he was apparently killed by someone, but he doesn’t know who. Raiden says he starts to remember fighting first against Reptile and Khameleon, then against D’Vorah and Ermac, and winning. He then says he tried to recover in the Jinsei Pool, but then Sindel arrived at the temple and apparently killed him. Liu Kang says he's sorry for putting Raiden in his new state in such a hard mission, but Raiden tells Liu Kang not to apologize. Together, Liu Kang and Raiden gather enough Jinsei energy to bring other fallen heroes to life.
Liu Kang and Raiden return to the Hourglass and explain that the situation is bad, as Sindel has also managed to capture Jinsei energy, so they must act quickly and hope that Sub-Zero will succeed as well. Without further ado, they take action and begin to bring the heroes to life. One at a time, Jade, Kung Lao, Kabal, Kotal and Stryker come to life. Last Liu Kang wakes up Kitana, who immediately jumps in Liu Kang's arms when she wakes up. Kung Lao will interrupt a delicate moment by saying that they a have a world, even worlds to save.

Chapter 8: Sub-Zero
Arriving at the Fire Gardens, Sub-Zero finds that there is a terrible destruction going on. The bodies of Shirai Ryu warriors are visible everywhere, but the murderers are nowhere to be seen. Sub-Zero continues to move in combat readiness. After a while, he hears the sounds of battle in the middle of the forest and rushes there. There, he sees Takeda and Kenshi fighting Revenant-Frost, Sektor, and Cyrax, who, despite their zombie form, are humans, not machines. Also involved in the fight is Smoke.
Sub-Zero makes an ice wall in front of Takeda and Kenshi and settles into combat readiness, saying now is the time to settle the score. The fallen Lin Kuei warriors claim Sub-Zero is a traitor, and that Lin Kuei will be given new life in the ranks of the Brotherhood of Shadow, and if Sub-Zero is not ready for it alive, he must do it dead, as Scorpion is supposed to do. Sub-Zero says he won’t allow it, but plans to defend both the soul of his ally and Earthrealm to his last breath. After that, Sub-Zero, Kenshi and Takeda attack, and Kenshi and Takeda set out to fight Frost and Smoke at the same time as Sub-Zero fights Cyrax and Sektor.
Sub-Zero defeats first Sektor (player's twenty-ninth kombat), then Cyrax (player's thirtieth kombat). After defeating them, he says he hopes to return the souls of his clanmates to their own possession. He notices that Takeda is in trouble with Frost and rushes to the rescue, asking Takeda is this how he really defends the honor of his master.
Frost tells Sub-Zero that he is weak and that the alliance between the Brotherhood of Shadow and Lin Kuei is strong. Sub-Zero says that Frost is nothing but a handmaid of Bi-Han and then that Bi-Han is not completely the master of his own soul either. Frost doesn’t listen and starts fighting, but Sub-Zero wins her too (the player’s thirty-first kombat). After the fight, Sub-Zero tells Frost that he’s not sure if he hopes to get Frost back to life as being a revenant seems to suit her too well.
Kenshi can't fight Smoke alone, and Smoke beats him badly. However, he doesn't have time to give a deadly blow, as Sub-Zero jumps in. Sub-Zero and Smoke fight (player's 33rd kombat), and Sub-Zero wins. After getting beaten, the fallen Lin Kuei flee the scene, and Sub-Zero goes with Takeda to help Kenshi, who is dying. Sub-Zero asks Takeda where Hanzo Hasashi's body is and then tells him to take care of his father and his injured clan comrades, as everyone is needed to defend Earthrealm from Outworld, but apparently also from entrenched Netherrealm, which Sub-Zero thinks has a new leader now.

Sub-Zero goes to Hanzo’s embalmed body and says he’s sorry Hanzo still can’t get to rest in the grave, but is needed once again to defend Earthrealm. As he leaves Fire Gardens, he tells Takeda that he must be prepared to defend Fire Gardens from all possible attacks for Hanzo's sake. He also promises to send reinforcements from his own clan if needed.
Sub-Zero returns to the Hourglass with Hanzo's body and says that Takeda and Kenshi have taken care of the Fire Gardens, but that at least the expanded forces of Netherrealm's Lin Kuei are threatening it. Liu Kang thanks for the information and begins revitalizing Hanzo. When Hanzo is resurrected, he wonders why most of the heroes are alive again, and when the situation is explained to him, he gets furious.
Hanzo doesn’t understand at all why the people of Earthrealm have gone to intervene the issues of life and death. He knows that nothing good will follow from that, even if the purpose is good. He says he doesn't want to be involved in any exaggeration of emergency guard by Liu Kang and that Liu Kang has become just as insane as Raiden by inheriting Raiden's deity. Sub-Zero tries to reassure Hanzo, but he refuses to listen. He leaves the Hourglass and says he will go to the Fire Gardens to save what is salvageable. He also vows that if someone tries once again to change the destinies of others for their own purposes, he should not let go of it easily.
Disappointed by Hanzo’s solution, Liu Kang ponders for a moment, but then says they are forced to figure out what Netherrealm is plotting. He suggests forming a strike group, but impressed by Hanzo’s words, Sub-Zero refuses to participate. Instead, Cassie offers to volunteer. Johnny stumbles, but Cassie demands to see what has happened to his mother. Jacqui says she is leaving with her friend, at which point Jax says she is leaving to protect her daughter. Also, because her daughter demands it, Johnny has to get involved too.
The matter is decided, but Liu Kang also suggests that an expedition is also needed to find out what’s going on in Outworld. Kitana, Jade and Kotal volunteer as they want to restore peace to Outworld. Kung Lao also leaves with them. Raiden and Nightwolf prefer to stay with the Hourglass in support of Liu Kang, while Kabal, Stryker and Sub-Zero leave for Earthream to control order.

Chapter 9: Kitana
Kitana, Kotal, Jade and Kung Lao arrive in Outworld. Arriving at the first village, they find that not everything is okay. Most of the houses have been destroyed and bodies are lying here and there. Kotal thinks Sindel has started a new genocide, and Kitana no longer considers it impossible now that she has been told of the true nature of her mother.
They roam the village, and Kung Lao tries to lighten the atmosphere by joking about the village being a great holiday village, but others are more serious as Outworld is their home. Jade thinks there have been fierce battles in the village and that no one can be found alive in the village anymore. However, this assumption is revealed to be wrong, for in the corner of a house they find the half-dead Li Mei.
Kitana and Jade rush to help Li Mei, who tells what has happened in Outworld. A new civil war is underway between the revolutionary forces led by Rain and Skarlet and forces led by Sindel. However, external forces have also been intervening in the civil war, as Havik has returned and is trying his best to bring Outworld into a chaotic state with the help of the Brotherhood of Shadow and the fallen warriors he has resurrected. The situation is further complicated by the fact that, with the help of Nitara and the Saurians, he has succeeded in resurrecting the former ruler of Outworld, the Dragon King Onaga, who wants to return to rule Outworld.
Kitana is horrified by Li Mei's account and fears for his Edenian people. He tries to ask Li Me what Havik is trying to accomplish with this horror, but Li Mei can't answer. Jade thinks Havik will try to catch everyone's eye elsewhere and then strike the Kronika’s Keep and the Hourglass when the time is right. However, Kung Lao does not understand this explanation, as Earthrealm, which now dominates the Hourglass, is mainly out of the event, even though Shirai Ryu has been attacked by the fallen Lin Kuei. However, Kitana thinks it is only a matter of time before Havik personally arrives to wreak havoc on Earthrealm, thereby weakening the Hourglass’s defense as well.
For this reason, Kitana suggests that she, Jade, and Kotal immediately join their own realm in the war against Sindel, and Kung Lao goes to inform Liu Kang, who should send auxiliary troops, as saving Outworld will also save Earthrealm. The matter is decided, and Kung Lao takes Li Mei with him and goes back to the Hourglass.
With the instructions given by Li Mei, Kitana, Jade and Kotal will soon find Skarlet and Rain’s base. The couple explains that their situation looks particularly bad right now, as Onaga and her dragon-like humanoid minions have just barbecued a couple of revolutionary villages to the ground. During the conversation, Rain seems dissatisfied that Kitana has returned to Outworld alive, as it may harm his dreams of ruling Edenia.

Kitana proposes a plan to give up the big battles immediately, as they are now focusing on killing the strongest of their opponents by traditional kombat. She herself says she’s going to sort out his relationship with her mother and “sister,” and Jade offers to join her on this journey. Shee then advises Rain, Scarlet, and Kotal to gather the strongest remaining forces and attack the forces led by Havik and Noob Saibot with full force. This is decided to be done, and Rain sends his scouts to guide Jade and Kitana to Sindel
Along the way, Jade and Kitana discuss that this time, any death will be final. No one will bring them back to life with Jinsei or dark magic. Kitana tells Jade that this should always have been the case and it should be the warriors’ way. Then they rush to the Tarkatans guarding Sindel’s base, and take theri lives. As Kitana and Jade have hoped, it won’t be long before Baraka and Kollector show up. Kitana says he takes care of Baraka and leaves Kollector to Jade. Kitana and Baraka fight, and Kitana wins (player's thirty-third kombat).
After the fight, Kitana finds Jade in trouble with Kollector, and she rushes to the rescue. Shee challenges Kollector into battle and wins (player's thirty-fourth kombat). After her victory, she orders the Kollector to pick up Mileena and Sindel because she has a few unresolved issues with them. After a while, Mileena and Sindel arrive.
Sindel and Kitana discuss Sindel’s betrayal, and Kitana says she’s ready to kill her own mother to end the battle between and within realms. Sindel says it's okay to try that, but more likely she’s to be enslaved when Sindel and his “better sister” create the most powerful kingdom in the entire universe in Outworld. Jade can no longer listen to Sindel and attacks her, but Sindel throws Jade aside with her Banshee cry and then says that if Kitana can beat Mileena, she will agree to fight her. Kitana does the job and defeats Mileena (the player's thirty-fifth kombat), but doesn’t kill Mileena, although even if she has a possibility.
Sindel gets excited about this siblingly love and starts calling Kitana weak. Outraged, Kitana rushes against Sindel and defeats her (the player's thirty-sixth kombat). At the end of the fight, she cuts Sindel's head off with a fan, feeling sorry that she never got the kind of mother she wanted. He captures Mileen hoping that she will still be able to turn her good.
The Tarkatan and Shokan armies around the Sindel headquarters will see their empress fall and do honor to the new Kahn. Baraka and Kollector also say they are now obeying Kitana and doing everything they can to end the war in Outworld. Kitana advises Baraka and his troops to attack the demon forces of Havik and Noob Saibot with full force.
Elsewhere, Rain, Skarlet, and Kotal, even with their top troops, are falling short because they are between two fires. Outworld troops led by Ermac and D’Vorah embellish them from one direction, Netherrealm’s demon army from the other. However, with the very last moments at hand, the situation will change as Ermac begins to direct his troops past Rain, Skarlet, and Kotal directly against the demon army. D’Vorah follows Ermac’s example even though she doesn’t know why, and soon Kotal sees a huge Tarkatan-Shokan army rushing towards them, but then continuing its journey toward the demons. From this they think Kitana and Jade have succeeded, and soon they will already see them riding behind the troops.
Noticing that they are losing, Noob Saibot and Havik escape, leaving Kano and Erron Black to fight with their demons against the United Outworld Army. They too decide to abandon the sinking ship, but no longer have time to go to Netherrealm through the portal opened by Havik, and have to stay in Outworld and hide from Kitana's revenge. The demon army is losing, and Outworld’s victory already looks certain, but then Onaga shows up and starts frying his enemies. Kitana hopes that Kung Lao will act quickly, because despite the army, they may not be doing very well with Onaga and his dragon army.

Chapter 10: Cassie & Johnny
Cassie, Johnny, Jacqui and Jax observe the cathedral from a distance. In front of it seems to be gathering of a large army of demons. Havik and Noob Saibot are also present and instructing their armies. Johnny suggests they go closer to hear better what Havik is really up to. Closer, they hear Havik explain to the military that they are already expected in Earthrealm.
Jacqui suggests that they would not intervene any further, but would immediately take the intelligence to Liu Kang. Jax and Johnny agree, but Cassie has left. The Briggs and Johnny wonder where Cassie is when Jacqui realizes Cassie has gone to retrieve her mother's body. With binoculars, they see Cassie sneaking in the cathedral while Havik's army's gaze is elsewhere. Jacqui is leaving, but Johnny prevents, saying it's better to let Cassie take care of herself and only go to the rescue when needed.
Meanwhile, Cassie steps into the cathedral and finds her mother's body. It’s chained to a wall in case someone tries to steal it from Netherrealm again, so it takes a while for Cassie to get her mother free. Meanwhile, Jarek and Tremor arrive in the room.
Cassie is startled, but then begins to point the Black Dragon men with a gun, asking if it annoys them that their boss is dead. Tremor laughs and says Havik has brought Kano back to life better than ever. Jarek goes on to say that Black Dragon is now on the side of Chaosrealm, as chaos is a productive business for them. Cassie says they're going to put an end to Havik's plans as long as they get to retrieve troops, but Tremor replies that the trick is that they won't let Cassie retrieve troops. A battle begins and Cassie defeats first Jarek (the player's thirty-seventh kombat) then Tremor (the player's thirty-eighth kombat).
At the end of the battle, she takes her mother's body and starts to run away from the cathedral. However, she does not get far, as Nitara and Noob Saibot are blocking his progress. Noob Saibot throws Cassie along the walls for a moment until Cassie surrenders.
Meanwhile, Johnny gets tired of waiting and decides to go get Cassie. Jacqui and Jax decide to help Johnny from the outside by arranging a little hassle among the demon army. Johnny thanks for the help and leaves for the cathedral. He feels a little bad because of his leg that has been shot, but hopes to be able to help Cassie.
Jax and Jacqui begin shooting in front of the cathedral, causing confusion in the army ranks. The demons start to run indefinitely, even as Havik tells them to calm down. Meanwhile, the Briggs start firing at them with their arms. Havik opens a portal to Earthrealm and tries to steer his army in that direction, eventually following them himself. Once the demons are gone, Jax and Jacqui wonder why Havik gave up so easily despite his superiority.
Johnny finds Noob Saibot and Nitara torturing Cassie. Johnny rushes in and says he’s ready to show Noob and Nitara the same as Cassie’s bullies at school. Johnny fights Nitara first and wins (player's thirty-ninth kombat). Then the battle against Noob Saibot begins, and Johnny wins it too (the player's fortieth kombat). However, he doesn’t manage to knock Noob unconscious, so he manages to teleport himself out of the place while Nitara stays with Johnny and Cassie.
Johnny asks Cassie if all is well, and Cassie answers that of course. Johnny says Liu Kang can now bring Sonya to life, but Cassie recalls Hanzo’s words and says she’s not sure if that’s the right solution anyway. Meanwhile, Nitara get back up and says Liu Kang has been a big fool for using Jinsei for his selfish purposes.

Johnny asks Nitara to explain, and Nitara explains that Jinsei is not meant to keep people alive, but Earthrealm. Manipulating too much Jinsei could lead to natural disasters, which of course fits Havik’s chaos plan, but the situation is worse for Earthrealm residents. Johnny asks why in the world Nitara wants to help Havik, and Nitara admits she was a fool to help him. His own purpose was simply to help to awake Onaga, to bring him out as ruler of Outworld, and in return ask him to liberate his people. Instead, the purpose of Havik's resurrection of Onaga was only to create a civil war in Outworld.
The Briggs then arrive, and Johnny explains that the situation is worse than expected, as Onaga has been resurrected, which means that despite Outworld’s internal disputes, Earthrealm is once again in danger sooner or later. The Briggs and the Cages decide to go back to the Hourglass as soon as possible with Nitara.

Chapter 11: Scorpion
Hanzo sits alone in the Fire Gardens, lamenting its destruction. Kenshi comes to him. They are discussing death. Hanzo says he hope that he would have gotten to meet his wife and children when he died, but that didn’t happen, at least not yet. Kenshi says he knows what it means to lose a spouse. Hanzo says he would have liked Liu Kang to prefer using Jinsei to wake up his family and old clan. They have not been allowed to live a single life when Hanzo has been forced to live many different lives.
Kenshi says he understands Hanzo’s point of view, but still hopes he will contribute to defending Earthrealm if it is threatened by anything. Hanzo replies that he is no longer going to be dealing with the intervening of the gods and wants to retire to spend the rest of his life as a loner. However, he tells Kenshi that Shirai Ryu will offer him all the help if he just asks for it.
The conversation is interrupted when Takeda announces new intelligence that a huge army of demons has arrived on Earthrealm through the portal and is about to destroy Fire Gardens. Frost, Smoke, Sektor and Cyrax have also been seen with them. Hanzo instructs Takeda to make the necessary preparations. He then turns to Kenshi and says it all seems to end where it started, from the fight between Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu. Kenshi recalls that the real Lin Kuei is still on their side.
Once Takeda and Kenshi have had Shirai Ryu's troops prepared, Hanzo tells Takeda to pass the message to Sub-Zero and ask him and his clans to assist. Takeda asks if Hanzo himself is just not going to fight. Hanzo is silent for a moment and then says that even if he is no longer interested in the future of Earthrealm, he is always ready to fight for his clan.
Takeda leaves and the fight begins. The Demon Army has supremacy, but Shirai Ryu fighters are better trained. As he knocks down enemies like hay, Hanzo wonders why Havik himself doesn't dare to show up. At the same time, Frost appears in his sights. Frost freezes the demons around him and rushes at Hanzo. The battle that Hanzo wins (the player's forty-first kombat) begins. After the fight, he tells Frost that he hopes the last kombat will let his soul rest as well.
At the same time, however, Smoke appears, saying that neither the soul of Frost nor that of the “real” Lin Kuei needs rest or saving. Hanzo doesn’t believe and challenges Smoke to battle and wins (player’s forty-second kombat). At the end of the fight, he burns Smoke because he knows Smoke didn’t want his life to go in the direction it eventually went, so death is the best fate Hanzo can offer him.
After this battle, the earth begins to tremble and tear. Hanzo hears Kenshi screaming in the midst of a fight that Jinsei must have been harmed some way. Hanzo jumps out just before the ground disappears under his feet, but ends up with Cyrax and Sektor. Cyrax and Sektor attack him at the same time and Hanzo defeats them in an endurance battle (the player’s forty-third kombat).
Immediately after the fight, Takeda arrives with Sub-Zero, Kabal and Stryker. The latter two begin to lead a rollover against demons as Sub-Zero helps complete Hanzo’s work and kill both Cyrax and Sektor. He is then on sorry for his former clan comrades, but Hanzo explains that it is ultimately the best option for them. Sub-Zero agrees, but then decides to ask Hanzo why he agreed to take part in Earthrealm's defense, but Hanzo claims hard that he is not defending Earthrealm but his clan.
Sub-Zero smiles at him and says that Hanzo always pretends not to care about anything other than his own and his clan’s glory, but in reality he is one of the most significant defenders of Earthrealm. Hanzo smiles and claims that this is not the case, but then they are interrupted by the arrival of Noob Saibot.

Noob is seen beating up Kenshi, Takeda, Stryker and Kabal. Then he starts approaching Hanzo and his brother. Sub-Zero says he takes care of his brother, and Noob and Sub-Zero go through a long battle, during which Hanzo makes sure no one else intervenes in the brothers' showdown. At the end of the battle, however, Noob gets the upper hand and threatens to drop Sub-Zero into the dripping pit of lava. At this point, Hanzo gets enough of beating demons and intervenes. Hanzo and Noob fight, and Hanzo wins (player's forty-fourth kombat). At the end of the battle, however, both end up on the brink of an abyss, and Hanzo’s solution is to drop them both into the lava. Sub-Zero sees his brother and Hanzo fall into the lava. He then shouts a battle cry and sets out to put an end to the demon army.

Chapter 12: Liu Kang
Kung Lao arrives back at the Hourglass at the same time as the Cages and the Briggs. Everyone explains the situation to Liu Kang, but this interrupts them. He asks Raiden and Nightwolf for a meeting. He suggests that Raiden, the Cages, and the Briggs immediately leave to Earthrealm to save what is salvageable. He, on the other hand, goes to Outworld with Nightwolf and Kung Lao to help Kitana. Li Mei promises to do what he can to protect the Hourglass, while Nitara offers to help Earthrealm’s people clear up the mess she has caused. Liu Kang opens two portals and sends the heroes of the Earthrealm on their mission. Then he, Nightwolf and Kung Lao leave for Outworld.
In Outworld, Onaga and his troops have gotten hold of their opponents. Kotal and Jade do their best to kill their dragon opponents, but when Onaga approaches them, Kitana tells them to protect themselves. Jade obeys, but Kotal jumps towards Onaga and manages to hit this in the chest, creating an opportunity for Kitana's troops to escape. Only Rain, Skarlet, Kitana, Baraka, Jade, Ermac, D’Vorah and the still-bound Mileena remain in place. Onaga grabs Kotal and tears this in half to Jade's great sorrow. He then orders his dragon warrior to retreat, leaving only Reptile and Khameleon.
Kitana shouts at Reptile that he doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Onaga is not giving his people more freedom than Shao Kahn. Reptile doesn't seem to listen, but says he does have a contract with Onaga. However, the devastation caused by Onaga is also visible on his face as excitement. Then Reptile and Khameleon attack.
Rain, Skarlet and Jade bind the Saurians into battle against themselves as Kitana, Ermac, D’Vorah and Baraka set out to challenge Onaga. Onaga easily kills D’Vorah, although Ermac tries his best to prevent it with his telekinetic powers. After killing D’Vorah, Onaga turns his gaze to Ermac, who manages to fight him for a while even equally, but eventually gets killed.
When Kitana is about to fight Onaga, Mileena demands Baraka to release her. Baraka is skeptical, but eventually releases Mileena. Onaga is just trying to burn the bravely fighting Kitana as Mileena jumps into the situation, pushes Kitana aside and receives the flames. When she falls to the ground badly burned, Kitana comes to her. Mileena apologizes with her last breath, and Kitana says she knew there was good in Mileena, too.

However, it won't be long before Onaga starts chasing her again. Kitana throws his fans like crazy to keep Onaga from getting close. Eventually, however, Onaga grabs Kitana and is squeezing him to death, but Kung Lao’s hat flies, cutting off two fingers from Onaga. This makes Onaga incapacitated for a moment, allowing Liu Kang to join the fight.
He challenges Reptile and Khameleon first, winning both (the players’ forty-fifth and forty-sixth kombats). Meanwhile, the remaining Outworld heroes, Kung Lao and Nightwolf, are holding Onaga in place. Liu Kang is about to strike a killing attack on Onaga, but Havik shows up. He tells Liu Kang that Liu Kang made a mistake putting his own desires ahead of Earthrealm, and now the whole Earthrealm is being destroyed by natural disasters, even if Sub-Zero and his partners were able to defeat his demon army. Liu Kang claims Havik is lying and challenges him to a battle he wins (the player’s forty-seventh kombat).
At the end of the fight, Liu Kang turns into a dragon and burns Havik alive. He then joins the fight against Onaga. Under the leadership of Nightwolf, they have many times managed to tie Onaga in place for a moment with magical powers, but Onaga always gets loose, causing more terrible destruction. When Nightwolf gets Onaga stuck again, Liu Kang rushes to this and a fight begins. The idea of this fight is that Onaga is an impossible opponent when he gets loose, but under the spells the player must try to do as much damage as possible against him (the player’s forty-eighth kombat). Eventually, Liu Kang wins the battle, and with the magical powers of Nightwolf’s ancestors, he and Nightwolf capture Onaga to Netherrealm for good.
When the fighting ends, Kitana and Liu Kang kiss, and Kitana says it’s all over. However, Liu Kang says his stupidity is still threatening Earthrealm, so he needs to get back there as soon as possible. He advises Kitana to be fair to Outworld and also to treat Reptile and Khameleon, who were clearly enchanted by Onaga, favorably. Kitana promises to do so. Liu Kang then opens the portal and leaves Outworld with Nightwolf and Kung Lao.
When they arrive in Earthrealm near Fire Gardens, they see the devastation caused by storms and earthquakes. Soon they come to the battlefield, where an army of demons has been defeated and where the wounded are treated and the fallen are assembled. The other defenders of Earthrealm are more or less alive, but Kabal has fallen. Kenshi is seen treating Kung Jin, who has lost both his legs in battle. Takeda and Jacqui lean on each other in love, Jax, Johnny and Cassie and Stryker seem to be fine too.
Sub-Zero and Raiden come to tell that Hanzo fought Noob Saibot and sacrificed himself. Liu Kang says he and Kabal will be remembered as one of Earthrealm’s greatest heroes, but that something must now be done to the natural disasters before they destroy the whole realm. Raiden can’t figure out what could restore Jinsei’s balance again, but at that very moment, Fujin arrives back from his delusions, explaining that he wandered for a long time in different realms looking for access back to the Hourglass, but failed. He suggests they use the Hourglass to restore Jinsei’s balance, but Liu Kang replies that he does not intend to risk the peace achieved by Outworld once again by traveling back in time. Fujin explains that using the Hourglass does not mean traveling in time, but combining the Sands of Time with Jinsei. Liu Kang sees Fujin's plan as desperate, but still possible. He, Fujin, Nightwolf, and Raiden immediately leave to pick up the Hourglass and take it to Sky Temple.
As a result of the earthquakes, the Sky Temple is crumbling, but they manage to get the Hourglass to Jinsei Chamber before it is destroyed. They throw the Hourglass into the Jinsei Pool, but nothing happens. Liu Kang sighs in disappointment, but looking at Raiden, he finds out what he should do. He starts to cast a spell and when Fujin realizes what Liu Kang is doing, he joins him. Suddenly, the Hourglass breaks, the Sands of Time begins to flow into Jinsei, and the fractures in the temple start to recover. When the spellcasting ends, Liu Kang and Fujin fall to the ground lifeless, but when Raiden and Nighwolf approach them, they seem to be alive. Raiden comes to see Liu Kang, who opens his ordinary, human-like eyes. The same goes for Nightwolf with Fujin.

In this section, there is no more fighting, but Liu Kang and Kitana tell what has happened to the key people since the merger of the Hourglass and Jinsei.
First, Liu Kang tells:
“After the rescue of Jinsei, Earthrealm was in a new situation, there were no more gods and even all the known threats had been wiped out. Raiden and Fujin began to get used to living as humans. Eating and sleeping seem incredibly interesting concepts for them. Nightwolf returned to his own people. He is now trying to make sure that the rights of no nation are trampled upon. Kung Lao returned to live as a monk, although he appears to be more of a man of action. Indeed, he and Kung Jin occasionally visit Johnny Cage’s films as comic sidekicks. I think it’s a really a natural role for them both.
Speaking of Johnny. He and Cassie - or really just Cassie - decided that Sonya shouldn't be revived, even if Jinsei might still have been able to. The most beautiful and largest funeral in the world was held for her. Johnny and Cassie also managed to make the day of her death a national holiday in America. He is now worshiped there as a great war hero.
Jax returned to his farm to spend his well-earned retirement days as a fully served soldier. He also gave a piece of land to Jacqui, who built his own house there with Takeda. They got twins. Jax is the proudest grandfather I've ever seen. Stryker returned to police. He is a celebrated hero on the one hand, and the worst enemy of the police on the other, as he is focused on investigating violent crimes committed by the police.
Sub-Zero entered into an agreement with Takeda to merge Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu into a single clan, under which, however, each clan operates according to their own practices. Takeda was more interested in family life than being a grandmaster, so Kenshi took the hold of Shirai Ryu. He has also found a new love with Li Mei. Sub-Zero, on the other hand, tries to train the Revenant-Frost to be a honorable Lin Kuei Warrior.
Unfortunately, Nitara did not achieve what she wanted in the war, as she had to stay in Earthrealm when no one had the divine power to open the portals. He moved to Transylvania, where members of his race are said to have occasionally seen.
What about me then? The portals can no longer be opened, so I have had to get used to the idea of never seeing Kitana again. However, that doesn't stop me from trying. ”

Kitana then tells:
“Once Onaga was destroyed, it was time to begin a complete restructuring of Outworld. No one had the magic powers to separate the realms Shao Kahn had merged into Outworld, so Edenia could not be restored to its former glory. We ended up setting up a parliament in Outworld where people of different races can decide things together. However, we completely did not want to give up on traditions of Outworld, so the representatives in Parliament are, of course, elected by kombat.
As a representative of the Outworlders, Skarlet makes sure that not even the poorest sections of the population are overlooked in political decisions. He and Rain, who represent Edenia, often clash in parliament, but at home they forget their quarrel not to get too bloody.
Baraka, of course, represents the Tarkatans, although he still wants Outworld to have one, strong leader, preferably himself. During the peacetime, however, the Tarkatans have become quite good farmers, and they are largely responsible for Outworld's food production.
Sheeva has seemed to be recovered, and she has explained to her Shokan people everything about how my mother betrayed her and how the Shokan warriors were fooled into fighting on the side of the traitor. He is not interested in politics, but has promised to use herself and her warriors as Outworld’s official guardians. They occasionally beat up the Black Dragon clan, whose leading figures Kano, Tremor and Jarek are now trapped in Outworld, but they now have to focus mainly on petty crimes, as the arms dealing doesn’t go well in peacetime. I’m not entirely sure, but apparently Kollector is also with them right now, as he hasn’t recovered from the fall of Shao Kahn and my mother.
There are only obscure observations of Erron Black from the remote villages of the West. He has been found robbing postal carriages a few times, but there is no exact information, as there have usually been no witnesses remaining. It has sometimes been said that a dark-haired Edenian woman is seen with him, but these are probably mere rumors. Reptile and Khameleon, on the other hand, failed to save their race from Outworld, and as traitors aroused by Onaga, they could not be given representation in Parliament, but I have understood that the Saurians may not get extinct anyway.
Jade, on the other hand, continues to work as my personal bodyguard. He is still broken by grief over the loss of Kotal. Slowly, though, she returns to normal, she’s not the type to worry over any man.
I, on the other hand, was honored to serve as Outworld’s first democratically elected Kahn. The post is mostly ceremonial, because Parliament makes all the decisions, but it suits me. I have seen how the lust for power has corrupted both my mother and my twin sister. In addition to the ceremonial work, I will try to reconnect with Earthrealm to see Liu Kang again. ”

And that's pretty much it.

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