An avatar change isn't usually considered news, but when there's a vacuum of reliable Mortal Kombat information, and you're franchise figurehead Ed Boon, your slightest tweak inspires special significance for 367,000 rabid followers!

As the 25th year of Mortal Kombat draws toward an end; Boon made the switch from a celebratory anniversary dragon logo [pictured below left], to something reflecting the two major franchises he oversees with NetherRealm Studios: Scorpion from Mortal Kombat X, and Batman of the DC Comics Injustice stable!

More accurately - the Batman on display appears to be Ben Affleck, who starred in divisive DC Extended Universe films: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. The latter inspired cross-promotional character skins for Injustice 2, released late last November.

Though interesting as a representative choice; Boon has never hidden his long time DC fandom, or interest in the live-action films! He noted Affleck's casting in 2013, got excited about the newest Batmobile in 2014, and was enthusiastic when a solo film was announced in 2016.

In the past: Boon has used social media dressing to tease new projects and disc pressings, but fan theories about a second crossover game may be premature. When asked about a Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe sequel, the developer shot it down with a simple answer: "no". The explanation for the change, all together more simple than that:

Like the stylemakers of Hollywood and Paris; Boon is always likely to influence followers, and generate plenty of discussion when he debuts a new Twitter look. He's usually pretty straight with fans when he shoots something down, recently targeting false Mortal Kombat movie reports.

Boon discussed the friction between what's expected of the MK and DC franchises back in 2012. He deemed a crossover sequel "not likely" as recently as 2016 [full story]. Instead, NetherRealm has found success with downloadable guest appearances by Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Raiden in the Injustice game franchise.

The cryptic significance of his latest choice will no doubt linger in the minds and speculation of fans, at least until a new game is announced. The NetherRealm head has already ruled out any announcements at this month's San Diego Comic-Con International.

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