It's been a while since grand pubah Ed Boon has gotten down and dirty in teaser territory, but the drought seems to be over with his most recent tweet. A partial Mortal Kombat 11 screenshot shows a mystery fighter giving the finger, with what appears to be a crack creeping across the fourth wall of the screen. It's not a lot to go on, but all signs seem to point toward the highly anticipated return of Johnny Cage. Read on:

The irreverent hand gesture has all the hallmarks of the ballbusting action star who debuted in the first Mortal kombat. This could be a glimpse into one of his cinematic Krushing Blow moves, or simpla win pose. Boon's tweet comes with the added quote, "Who hired this guy....WTF?"

There's been no specific indication of Johnny Cage joining the MK11 playable cast just yet, but we think we've already spotted him in two official trailers. He was loitering in the background of a Special Forces interior arena in the first gameplay reveal trailer. He can also be spotted tying up with Sub-Zero on a monitor shown twice during the MK11 Evolution featurette. Both examples depict Cage in a subdued vest and long sleeve shirt similar to that seen in Boon's screenshot [see below].

With the likes of Sonya Blade and Kano already announced - can Johnny Cage be far behind? Join the speculation and tell us what you hope to see on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!