Fatal Friday is upon all of us! The rules are quite clear. To compete in Fatal Friday, on XBOX ONE, simply go online, and join the room titled "Fatal Friday" from the room server list. Once there, join Fatalkade's King of the Hill game and your in. If the match is full, feel free to keep trying to get in, as people will potentially leave the server during the two-hour show. The room server will go up around 7:30 pm central time every single Friday, starting tomorrow, so be ready!

Now that you understand how to join the competition, make sure you also understand the rules. Fatal Friday only allows for tournament variations, so any custom variations you have made will be invalid. Make sure you have practiced with your favorite tournament variations, and prepare for Kombat. We look forward to seeing you on the first ever Fatal Friday show, airing tomorrow (4/26) at 8 PM CST. YOU will be NEXT!