Another Fatal Friday happens tonight at 10 PM central time with special guest host SurvivedKombatants. We're streaming a bit later tonight, to match our guest host's schedule. And speaking of changes, there's another reminder that there will be NO Fatal Friday on 5/17, the next show will air on 5/24. So, make sure you tune in tonight to get your fix on! The leaderboard currently stands at sharkb1te74 in the #1 spot with a whopping 21 win streak record. In second place, we've got PaPaHeavy420 with 12. Who will emerge victorious tonight? Tune in, and find out!

You will also find that tonight our streaming quality will be substantially better due to our new capture card device, which allows us to stream at true 720p HD quality. We had a open QA stream test, and I'm very grateful to everyone who was able to jump in and participate with giving me your feedback. It has proved invaluable in making sure we can deliver the best quality possible to you on Twitch, Facebook, Mixer, and YouTube.

Also a reminder: If you want to compete tonight, Season 1 is on XBOX ONE. Simply jump into the room titled "Fatal Friday" and join Fatalkade's King of the Hill room. It's that simple! The server room will go up around 9 PM central time, so be on the look out for it. We'll see you there!