Fatalities overkill?
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Fatalities overkill?
01/17/2019 08:53 PM EST

Maybe I prefer old school fatalities, but does anyone think these new fatalities are a bit overkill? I think they’re brutal and graphically impressive, but I feel like they should be more concise. I’m sure I’m the unpopular opinion, but just my two cents

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RE: Fatalities overkill?
01/17/2019 09:01 PM EST

Over the top is what they strive for. How many ways can they kill someone and still top the last round of fatalities? It’s surprising to me that they can still manage to shock people with the gore and death after 25+ years... damn it’s been that long

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RE: Fatalities overkill?
01/17/2019 09:27 PM EST

I actually think they're pretty subtle compared to MKX trash ass fatalities.. Lot more creative for sure.

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RE: Fatalities overkill?
01/17/2019 09:42 PM EST
01/17/2019 09:45 PM EST

I feel like... my problem with fatalities in MKX, and some of the ones in this game thus far... is they rely too much on "bits and pieces" ... and don't play to the actual character. To elaborate...

When the games were simpler, and they couldn't get down to little nitty gritty things like ripping off faces, or taking out brains... the fatalities (by necessity) were much more broad, and grandiose, and involved big showy moves, that removed big honkin' body parts. And often relied heavily on the characters' powers/gimmicks.

Now that they can get down to little things like ripping a face off, or pulling out an organ... I feel like many of them have lost some of their uniqueness of character and flare. I mean Baraka's... didn't FEEL like Baraka, until the end when he stabbed the brain (with his uniquely Baraka blade)... before that... the face-ripping part could literally have been anyone's fatality.

Geras' back of the head punch could be anyone's fatality.
Skarlet's heart exploder could be anyone's fatality, with some slight power modification.

I feel like a lot of the ones in MKX had that problem. I said, "This fatality is relying more on the gore tech than the character. Anyone could have done this fatality."

I DUNNO... there are always a few gems and a few duds in every fatality batch, so these opinions are just broad thoughts, not an end all be all commentary. But yeah. I do feel like they focus too much on the nuts and bolts of a fatality sometimes, and don't step back and look at the whole machine. And by and large, fatalities are often more enjoyable when you get a nice big showy death. Some of them focus too much on the details, without painting a nice picture.

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