Its becoming a routine of every couple of years: Ed Boon has updated his Twitter avatar and background -- signalling the ritual cycle of speculation for NetherRealm Studios' newest upcoming game project.

All rumors and reason point toward a follow-up to the franchise starter: Injustice: Gods Among Us. A presumed development back and forth begun with Warner Brothers' post-acqusition Mortal Kombat (2011), and the soon-to-be DC Comics fighting game series of 2013.

Not content to play it entirely safe, Boon's pushing ambiguity in the face of expectation. The "DAMN good question" being asked: Does his teasing image indicate the Roman numeral II (two) for Injustice, or the number 11 for a Mortal Kombat X sequel?

Et Tu? Ed Boon's newest Twitter avatar.

Bolstering broad expectations for more Injustice are rumors of growing connections to the 2017 Justice League feature film that would be out the same year [full story]. This isn't the first time Ed Boon has floated the prospect of an immediate Mortal Kombat follow-up, though. He polled fans for their preferred project last month, returning interest in more Mortal Kombat X downloadable content.

Fans have been steadily conditioned to expect routine from the Mortal Kombat developer for quite some time. The two year release cycle began with 2002's Deadly Alliance, continuing until 2008, when Midway Games published Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. The crossover was the final installment before Midway declared bankruptcy and was purchased by Warner Brothers. The complicated handover accounts for a lost year.

A remote possibility is that the "II" in Boon's avatar represents two worlds, two games, or indeed a version of both proposed sequels.

The Creative Director knocked back prospects of another Mortal Kombat/DC Universe crossover in 2012 [full story], but with Mortal Kombat X reportedly selling in excess of five million copies, and nearly ten years between MKvsDC and a speculated 2017 mystery release - the pitch holds more water. Alternatively, DLC channels could conceivably create a new era for franchise crossovers - as discussed in a previous Mortal Kombat Online feature.

Two years ago a countdown became a white circle, which became the new dragon logo and Mortal Kombat X! What's next? Register to join the speculation on the DC Universe Injustice and Future Games forums!