Registration is now officially open for entrants to the Konsole Kombat II tournament hosted by Console Gaming League (CGL). For those not in the know, we have partnered with CGL and several other big names in the MK 11 esports scene to host two pre-qualifier tournaments, where the winners will go on to compete in the final tournament hosted by CGL for $10,000 on XBOX and $10,000 on PS4. For those who didn't know, we have a trailer below with the announcement:

No travel is required to compete in these events and they are completely free of charge! That's right, you can win $10,000 by not even leaving your sofa! The whole tournament is comprised online. However, rules do state that WiFi is banned. The full list of rules for the tournament are listed below:


  • Double Elimination
  • All New Characters are banned for 30 days from release date.
  • Tournament Mode Default Option
  • 90 second timer
  • Wi-Fi Banned
  • Interactables On
  • Tournament Mode Variations Only
  • 2/3 Brackets
  • 3/5 Top 8
  • Winner must keep character
  • Loser may switch
  • Random stage select (players may opt for an agreed stage)

Registration is limited to 32 players maximum for each tournament, and registration officially ends September 20th. On October 17th, we will be hosting the XBOX ONE tournament, and October 24th, we will be hosting the PS4 tournament. Both tournaments go live on air at at 5 P.M. Central. Register and get in there while you can! Space is limited!

You can register for the XBOX ONE tournament on October 17th here:

And you can register for the PS4 tournament on October 24th here: