Mortal Kombat 11 didn't take Best Fighting Game at the 2019 Game Awards, but it did offer a glimpse of its next downloadable character! The Joker has a slightly updated design in the new teaser intro unveiled during the live show. Take a look:

The DC Comics guest fighter encounters a foul-mouthed Cassie Cage, seen in her "Cassie Quinn" skin cosplaying as Mister J's favourite gal - Harley Quinn.

Joker was first revealed as part of the Kombat Pack trailer, where the character drew unflattering comparisons to unlicensed parodies of the character. The Game Awards teaser shows an updated facial render with rougher texture and exaggerated features more readily associated with the character.

Mortal Kombat 11 missed out on the 2019 Best Fighting Game award, losing out to the genre-disrupting dark horse of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. NetherRealm Creative Director Ed Boon was gracious in defeat, tweeting out congratulations to the winner.

What do you think of The Joker's new look? The Clown Prince of Crime will be available in early access starting January 28th. Party in to the comments below to broaden our minds with your thoughts on next year's first DLC character!