Seasons greetings! Mortal Kombat Online is officially celebrating its 20th Anniversary and we're doing it with the unwrapping of gifts that will make MK Online a better, faster, stronger website for all!

Significant upgrades have occurred on the backend. New servers and hosting tools will ensure Mortal Kombat Online runs even faster and more securely, continuing to offer the same reliable service as the web's largest & longest running Mortal Kombat destination!

Some will know this fabled project by the codename "V8" -- and most will immediately recognize its radically different layout and aesthetic. When MK Online Users re-login (as required), they will find basic tools in the User Bar located at the very top of the page. These functions are accessible via intuitive icons & menus, including: User Settings, Friendships, and Site Themes.

Every registered user now has default access to 11 Site Themes, including updated versions of our previous layouts inspired by Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Jax, Kotal Kahn, Kenshi, Mileena, Reptile, and Kano. The relaunch also adds two new themes based on Dark Kitana and Dark Liu Kang. If you still haven't quite found your favourite - fret not! There are dozens more themes ready to be unlocked as you advance your User Ranking!

User Rankings have been revamped to include more ranks and more ways to level up. Everyone still begins as a Mortal, but will quickly take the first step on their journey by getting involved in forum discussions and profile updates. New criteria means long time users will find their rank has changed, but they'll also climb the ladder quickly as they add new activity to a wealth of existing stats!

Getting involved is easier than ever! You can now Like news, forum posts, and fan kreations with a simple click of the Toasty Thumbs Up icon! Commenting is also easier with a new reply editor packed full of basic tools. You can use quick access icons at the bottom of every comment to jump to a reply, or quote the relevant post.

Kreations are also easier to find and submit with an updated fan submission system. Top rated works will be featured in the Kreations section, Fan Kreations forum, and be curated in your User Profile. If you've got Mortal Kombat fan art, cosplay photos, written stories, or other -- we want to see it join our archive of thousands of artist's kreations!

User Profiles will offer more as you accumulate stats, kreations, friendships, activity, and other profile information, including a Display Name editable in your Settings. Friendship will make communicating on MK Online fast and simple as direct messages become real-time chat. Viewing MK Online on your phone will also now be a uniquely optimized experience, making it easier to browse and interact on-the-go.

I've been working on this for a long time. Some elements were drafted back when I became Webmaster some time ago, but some of the bigger ideas were conceived more recently as design & conception of this incarnation began. It's a pleasure to finally update and I hope everyone will find ways to enjoy and get the most out of the improved and new features that are available. This launch is the first stage in continued growth for the site and its features, with emphasis on on tools & systems to make it easier to run, and for people to use it.

These updates would not be possible without the collaboration, extensive hard graft, and tremendous work of Site Owner and Administrator CCShadow. He has stuck the course and given of himself to see this through. DArqueBishop has also undertaken significant sacrifice in his role as Sysadmin to facilitate much of the backend transfer. I must also give thanks and acknowledgement to Ninja_Mime, tabmok99 and Scott-Howell for their contributions to the process.

MK Online staff look forward to next attending Mortal Kombat 11: The Reveal on January 17th, 2019. The site has received invitations to both the Los Angeles and London unveilings and look forward to including that in continued coverage of Mortal Kombat 11! On behalf of everyone at MK Online, may we wish you a very happy holidays and hope to see you on the forums!