Fans eager to unlock the Young Justice skin in Mortal Kombat 11 now have a long-awaited second-chance to claim this rare Liu Kang unlockable! The Special Krypt Event is live right now -- but will end after 24 hours! Read on for details:

While not an exact recreation; the elusive "Young Justice" skin evokes the iconic style of Liu Kang's earliest appearances in Mortal Kombat sequels. It can be seen when Liu arrives from the past during story mode, but remains inaccessible to fans who have covetted it while browsing kustomization options. It was last available in the Gold Krypt Event in August, 2019.

Bare chested, in iconic black and red, this is the Liu Kang fans of klassic kombat will have wanted some time. Hunt down the Gold Kronika Vault and you'll receive it, and the Kombatant Supreme Headband, free of charge!

Where can you find these rare treasures? Your in-game notifcations include a helpful clue:

"Behind a throne of rotting flesh and bone you will find a gift for the chosen one."

You'll want to focus your search in Goro's Lair around a certain fallen prince. Special Krypt Event #2 began Wednesday, 9AM CST - so do not delay getting your hands on this much sought after Liu Kang skin! Gold Krypt Event #1 returned last week, giving fans a chance to unlock klassic gear for Jax. More returns are anticipated.

Keep your eyes on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum for discussion and alerts for other Krypt Events! Special thanks to MK Online kommunity user Surgir_Da_Sepultura for posting early about this one!