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RE: Roster Creator
02/12/2019 03:16 PM EST

@KenshiMaster, has too many dumbass Earthrealm characters.

Just saying my opinion, nothing personal

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RE: Roster Creator
02/12/2019 03:25 PM EST

Cool roster, KM

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RE: Roster Creator
02/12/2019 03:51 PM EST

@KenshiMaster, has too many dumbass Earthrealm characters.

Just saying my opinion, nothing personal

Not my personal wishlist, thats why. I created that in the mindset of NRS while trying to balance popular tournament characters, popular lore characters and characters that deserve a comeback / redemption.

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RE: Roster Creator
02/12/2019 04:02 PM EST

@KenshiMaster, has too many dumbass Earthrealm characters.

Just saying my opinion, nothing personal

Common man, some Earthrealmers are needed, just cut the kids, than it's all good. Well even Kung Jin and Jacqui can be turned into something cool, the weapons of Takeda doesn't suit a good-natured character, they are too vile for him, also three psychic characters are overkill and he takes the specialty of both Ermac and Kenshi away. Cassie is just a worthless throw at this pathetic generation, I'm gonna use her as a fatality/training dummy so often...

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RE: Roster Creator
03/02/2019 02:26 PM EST

It may be pointless now but here is my roster for MK11:

Geras is the only new character with the unplayable Kronika.

Added more Netherrealm characters (Sareena, Noob, Ashrah) since that realm is an essential part of this plot. I was honestly deciding between Ashrah and Drahmin, and felt that the former had more story potential so I stuck with her. (I feared Drahmin would be nothing more Henchman #6).

I kept a decent amount of Outworld characters to add to the dynamic between the Kahn's, and adding Shang Tsung as a wildcard for his own agenda.

Fujin steps in with a more involved role now that Raiden has become somewhat of a tyrant.

Kept two of the more popular Kombat Kids; Cassie and Takeda to continue their development under Scorpion and Johnny, and subtracted a parent from each (Sonya, Kenshi).

Added Frost as she was introduced in MKX, and added Sektor as the sole Cyber-representative to attempt recruiting her to his Tekunin clan.

I feel Kira deserved a second chance, so I added her to the roster, having her continue as a recruit of the Black Dragon, while also redesigning her moveset.

Naturally Havik is there to instigate whatever he can to establish his vision of the realms.

And Shujinko continues his quest to eventually free Onaga/Damashi.


Spawn would be the sole guest character, and the most fitting one at that.

Smoke, Sindel, and Reiko I think is a good representation of MK2, 3, and 4 respectively.

Added an aggressive spot for Hotaru, hoping for a badass redesign and positive reception. Also to introduce him as the Dragon King's Royal Guard.

Last but not least, the Dragon King himself. I am adding him as DLC rather than part of the starting roster so that Kronika has a chance to shine as a boss. With her trying to support/prevent Shujinko from pursuing his quest as a minor plot point. (I can't read her yet so I don't know which outcome she would prefer).

Comparing Roster stats excluding DLC:

My Roster:

MK Trilogy - 15
3D Era - 09 (Including Sareena)
MKX - 05
New - 01

Leaked Roster:

MK Trilogy - 16 (Including Skarlet)
3D Era - 01
MKX - 05
New - 03

I tried to keep representation of each era somewhat fairly. Obviously there will be more Trilogy characters, but 9 3D characters is a big difference to just 1. However keep in mind my base roster is 30 and the leaked roster is 25 (though that could be subject to change).

All in all, my total roster (including DLC) would be 36 including 1 guest character. MKX's was 33 with 4. I believe this could be a manageable roster.

What are your thoughts?

-Courtesy of TheCypher-

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RE: Roster Creator
06/04/2019 07:04 PM EST

How do you change character appearances or make new ones

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RE: Roster Creator
06/14/2020 11:45 AM EST

I need a link to using this