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Smoke & Mirrors Augment Help
07/12/2020 06:37 PM EDT
07/12/2020 09:17 PM EDT

Hello everyone!

I’ve been playing MK11 for a few months now, and have a pretty good understanding of how everything works. I am in the process of completing all of the key items/puzzles in the Krypt, and therefore would like to farm more Souls, since the next item I need to obtain requires 10,000. I am around 14k right now, however I am CONSTANTLY opening and resetting chests as well as soul “containers”(?), so obtaining that item will pretty much wipe me out. I researched and found a farming technique on YouTube, and I have all of the required augments, except for a Dragon Blood augment called “Smoke & Mirrors”. I was wondering what the best and most efficient route of farming this particular augment would be? I have seen rewards for certain towers being Random Blood Augments, but those aren’t too often, and they’re mostly on the hardest towers. The ones I see most often (especially in Brutal modes) are rewards that will say “Gear, Kosmetic, or Augment” for Selected Character-Random or “Level 1-3 Mortal Augment”. I’m not really sure what a “Mortal” augment even is, but I do know gear, skins, etc. come in Mortal, Elder, Mythic, etc. variations, but wasn’t aware augments did. I also didn’t know if Blood augments could even be received from a reward that said “Level 1-3 (Mortal) Augment”, since Bloods are the only ones that don’t have levels. I’ve been running MANY of the towers that have these type of “random gear/augment/skin” rewards with my main Noob Saibot, since I’ve already unlocked pretty much every unlockable tower gear and skin recolor for him, to improve the odds of receiving an augment instead of a skin or gear. Like I said, I’ve also been opening MANY Krypt chests (both koin AND soul), and occasionally splashing some koins in the shrine. The problem is, I don’t know which amount of koins I should be selecting to increase my chances of getting augments (specifically Bloods), and it seems as though lower amounts reward lvl 1-2 Soul, order, etc. augments and konsumables, while higher amounts are giving mostly konsumables, forge reagents, and gear. I’m really just trying to figure out which method I should continue with to be most time-efficient in obtaining this particular augment, and everything online has just been saying towers, krypt, and shrine, but nothing really specific. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

**Update** I just got done with an opening spree in the Krypt for a little over an hour. I spent about 750k coins on the Shrine, just got a bunch of Konsumables, some forge items, some skins, and only a handful of maybe 3-5 Augments, all being either low leveled Soul, Order, or Chaos. I opened about 40ish chests, spending around 500k, only found soul, order, and a few flames. Next I opened around 40 soul containers, spending 4k souls, and while these gave augments WAAAY more than koin chests did, they were ALL either soul or flame, with an order or chaos every now and then. Lastly, I finished about 15-20 Towers of Time today, all that had “Random Lvl 1-3 Augment” as one of the awards. Out of all this I did JUST today, I didn’t just not get the Smoke & Mirrors augment I needed, I didn’t get a SINGLE Blood augment whatsoever. I checked in my augment inventory, and turns out I haven’t gotten a single Dragon Blood augment for about 6 days now, the past 3 of which I was purposefully trying to farm for them. What am I doing wrong? I play anywhere from 5-7 hours a DAY (in quarantine), and like I said the past 3 days I’ve only been doing things that reward augments. I just don’t understand, especially when considering I already have about 50 other blood augments. Am I looking in the wrong places? This CAN’T statistically be right. After doing ALL of that, there’s no way I didn’t get a SINGLE blood augment of ANY variety. So stressed lol.

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