They should have us unlock everything
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RE: They should have us unlock everything
12/31/2018 08:40 AM EST

I think the best way to do it would be to have a toggle between the two extremes. When you load the game it asks if you want to unlock everything manually or automatically. If you choose automatic, the roster is right there to choose from and you can dive right into learning your character of choice or having fun with your friends.

If you want to unlock manually, only a few characters are given at the start. Maybe scorpion initially and sub after finishing the tutorial or skipping it. Some characters could be unlocked by chaining arcade towers. Do scorpions tower, unlock takeda, do takedas, unlock kenshi etc. Other characters could be set behind defined goals like beating the story, completing test your might tower, or winning 50 matches. Maybe even put a few in the crypt, preferably somewhere easy to find but maybe you have to save up for them.

However the unlocks work, at any point you can toggle back to automatic in the settings if you want to have friends over and want the full roster. After they leave, toggle back to manual and keep progressing for yourself.

This way people who want the progression have set reliable goals they can work towards but people who want everything set for tournaments or social gatherings have that option as well. If you dont have the time for lengthy unlocking, just go for automatic. Best of both worlds. Thoughts?

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RE: They should have us unlock everything
01/03/2019 09:42 PM EST

Just make it where unlocking the roster is an option at the start, but it disables achievements. Then the EVOists could shut up and get what they want, and the rest of us could get the fun of unlocking, again.

That's what I say, anyway.

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RE: They should have us unlock everything
01/03/2019 11:51 PM EST
Or at least the option. I like being able to work towards something when I game. I would rather have 4-8 kharacters to start, with no finishing moves and only a handful of stages and have us unlock them all in the krypt,story or the rumored adventure mode. They really don’t give us a lot to unlock now. Hell even secrets fights like MK1-2. It was so much better to play when this game had more mystery.

Agreed. I think they should start with 4 base player characters in the roster and have us gradually unlock character, stages and other content.

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RE: They should have us unlock everything
01/04/2019 08:05 AM EST

Apparently I’m in the minority here, but I’m glad the days of unlocking characters is behind us. The only way I’d be ok with it is if the unlocking criteria doesn’t have to involve guess work or a walkthrough. I’m of the mindset that unlockables should begin and end with items that don’t effect core gameplay...cosmetics, perhaps fatality inputs, concept art, etc.

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RE: They should have us unlock everything
01/04/2019 09:22 AM EST
01/04/2019 09:24 AM EST

There was something really special and exciting about unlocking characters in Deadly Alliance and Deception, but I think those days are behind us. The approach they've taken since Armageddon, with only four characters needing to be unlocked at most, is a pretty good compromise.

Even the original trilogy games had only a few characters to unlock, yet those games managed to have the strongest mystique of all. The disappointing lack of secrets in recent games is another discussion entirely.

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RE: They should have us unlock everything
01/04/2019 11:01 PM EST

Sorry, late to the post but I agree, MKA was the first game I ever completed to 100% and I remember feeling so good after completing it,looking for guides on the internet, exploring the world to get all the chests and character parts.

Even if the story isn't like that, I hope we can unlock every character, skins, colors, or whaterver on story, arcade or krypt. Just PLEASE no unlockables in online mode, I never got some of the online skins in MKX...