And WHAT is the deal with Quan Chi?
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And WHAT is the deal with Quan Chi?
03/23/2015 03:03 AM EDT
Quan Chi was one of my favorite characters post MK3, but by the time MK2011 dropped, he got played out.

I'm not gonna go on a long, unimportant spiel about his plain designs after MK4, but his character kept getting pushed due to being a developer favorite, but he just hasn't done anything interesting since MK4.

So let's back up to Mythologies and what made him great. His hammy behavior in that game was great. That wormy, hunched over posture that made him seem eccentric and creepy, you got the vibe that he was probably a great sorceror but not so great in real kombat so he stuck to doing underhanded stuff to achieve ends like replace Shinnok's amulet, or make Sub-Zero and Scorpion fight eachother and then sneak up on them. He was capable of being entertaining by losing his cool, being spiteful and purposely calling Sub-Zero "ninja", and just generally being carried by Rich Divizio.

I know they wanted to make him a more serious threat, which is fine, but what happens after he helps Shang Tsung kill Liu Kang?

He and Tsung just kinda sit around, hold some vague tournament while trying to build an army and then they beat the Earthrealm warriors. Do we ever see any of that or see any changes to Outworld as a result of them in any semi-canon endings, bios, or Konquest mode? Raiden comes through, they fight, Quan Chi wins due to having the amulet I guess, Onaga comes through, Raiden ,blows everything up, and then Quan Chi goes back to making desperate alliances in Armageddon.

Which unfortunately they dropped all those plot threads because of the reboot (which I liked MK2011 don't get me wrong) but it cut a lot of story potential out.

Now comes MK2011, and because he's a favorite of the devs, he gets shoved into the events of the first three games, and just kinda walks around doing nothing but being smug with no personality, and pushed as being two steps ahead of everyone but never shown doing anything interesting which makes him boring. I'm sure he'll get a comeuppance in MK11, but if not, it'll just make the problem worse. People say heroes who always win are boring, I sorta disagree, but villains who rarely get a comeuppance are ten times worse if they're not being entertaining.
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