Do you think the storyline(s) will really be altered a lot or just slightly?
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RE: Do you think the storyline(s) will really be altered a lot or just slightly?
06/17/2010 05:45 PM EDT
Hey, it's better than being a doctor. In the old timeline, Baraka was sort of the "president" of the Tarkatan people, anyway.

Seriously, this is bothering me less and less. Maybe I've just got a case of the Xias, and I've given up -- but even though the timeline we knew is dead (although I could see them retconning and just going forward with a true sequel later), it's just like that arc being retired. It's all the same. Maybe we can get a neater story this time.

Mortal Kombat seems to get a lot of inspiration from comic books. In the comic world, you often have these arcs in which characters die, they get different powers, they visit alternate worlds. It's screwy, but essentially you can still love the true or "classic" character. Even if Sonya gets her face mutilated by Kano in this timeline (which didn't happen in the first), it'd still be possible to like the classic Sonya who threw Kano off a skyscraper instead.

Using the extreme example people are talking about: If younger Sub-Zero becomes a cyborg, all is not lost. When you look into Sub-Zero on Wikipedia, you'll see the cultural impact he has had, and the role he has played in the storyline in all incarnations. The younger Sub from true MK2-MKA will shine bright. That'll always be there, and could even be revisited down the track. Just because in another timelime he doesn't escape and becomes automated, it isn't the end of the world or his worth as a character in MK's influence.

Hell, that's actually one of the things that comics quite a bit. Those "What if?" issues. What if Liu Kang had decided to play it safe and kill Shang Tsung? What if Kitana never found out the truth about her family? What if Reptile did decide to betray Shao Kahn? What if Cyrax never became a cyborg? What if Sub-Zero did?

These sorts of questions were avoided for reasons when the canon was initially conceived, but in saying that, a less refined universe was also created in the polar opposite occuring. I am perhaps much more interested in a reboot than a remake -- just because I know that they will fuck-up a remake. A reboot at least changes the rules.
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RE: Do you think the storyline(s) will really be altered a lot or just slightly?
06/17/2010 07:47 PM EDT
MK4 onwards took away from the origins of the story. I'm not sure how going back in time will change what happens in MK4?

Shinnok was trapped in Netherealm hundreds of years before MK1.

That is the storyline that really 'ruined' the MK plot.

I see this as a great opportunity to bring the game back to the origins and go down a new path for the storyline and really open it up. I loved the plot of MK before it went all silly.
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