Last week, IGN released a comprehensive preview of Mortal Kombat's Challenge Tower mode [full story], detailing several of the exciting new single player missions available to fans. Today, they have conducted a follow-up interview with series co-creator and project lead Ed Boon and hit on various facets of the game including Story mode and the aforementioned Challenge Tower.

A goal for the team was to create a game with a strong single player experience, since in the genre of fighting games the strongest element is a multi-player experience. This was the goal of the 300 mission Challenge Tower mode, to serve as a complementary piece to the game's story mode. Offering a variety of challenges, from mini-games such as Test Your Sight to tossing grenades to fighting upside down, the mode will test players for several hours and provide a unique single-player experience for a fighting game.

The story mode, which has been quietly elaborated on since it's announcement is touted by Ed to be the best plot of any Mortal Kombat released thus far. He again hints that some things players expect to happen in the story may not take place, and those that take place instead will be surprising but that at its heart it is still a Mortal Kombat story.

Ed speaks about striking a balance between showing off what's in the game and keeping some things secret so players can discover as they play. Though difficult in the digital age, he suggests there are many undocumented fatalities that will never be revealed in interviews or media hype packages, intended to invoke the nostalgic feeling of discovery from the classic Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat 3 days.

Check the video embedded above or click here to view it on IGN.