As plugged by Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon on Twitter, a new character set for next month's game has been revealed on GameTrailers TV.

Mortal Kombat 3's Kabal was the reveal, showed off complete with classically inspired attire and weaponry. Known to have been severely injured to the point of artificial respiration, it's more than Kabal's face that appears scarred in this iteration, as noticeable scars are present on his arms and chest as well. Kabal demonstrates several of his classic specials including his Plasma Blast, Dash Spin and Ground Saw. Using the Super Meter to enhance it, Kabal threw a set of two ground blades instead of one during the maneuver. Kabal's standard gameplay makes heavy use of his trademark hookswords, which also make an appearance in his X-Ray attack. Kabal combines his dash spin to disorient his opponent while breaking their shins before dashing behind them, raking their shoulders with his hookswords before throwing the victim across the screen.

Ed mentioned that Kabal had a particularly gruesome fatality which caused even the development team to pause and ponder it's inclusion. In the video, we are shown a vertical split fatality in which Kabal kicks the victim high in the air before slicing them vertically through the groin as they fall. The head is hooked by the edge of his blade, which he proudly displays towards the camera.

Also present is the return of The Soul Chamber from Mortal Kombat 3. It's been given quite an overhaul now featuring Shadow Priests in black attires and what appears to be tentacles quivering around in the background.

Note: GTTV is currently experience technical issues; we will update our embed if necessary as a HD version becomes available.

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