During the Mortal Kombat PDP Tournament held over the weekend (Full Story), Leah Jackson from G4TV sat down with the games co-creator, Ed Boon to discuss the upcoming downloadable content.

Upon quizzing him about what to expect in the first instalment of kontent, Ed replied that the main focus would be the entrance of new kombatant, Skarlet, who appeared as a glitch back in Mortal Kombat II where Kitana and Mileena's costumes would turn red, very similar to how the 'rumour' of Ermac started. No word was mentioned of previously announced, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance alumnist Kenshi but rest assured his presence will be revealed in due time. Ed Boon also stated that alongside Skarlet, there will be some free DLC bundled with her. Specifics aren't known yet but we will report on this as soon as the information becomes available!

Also brought into the brief interview was discussion of Patches on the horizon. Ed cited that they are currently working on one which will combat some of the online lag issues their multiplayer is experiencing alonside many other tweaks and alterations. Most notable however is that they will also be releasing Patch Notes on the official Mortal Kombat website so players who want to be in the know can see exactly what is included in the patches.

No concrete release date has been set in stone just yet, only that it will be released this month! You can view the interview with Ed in it's entirety right here over at G4TV.

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