NetherRealm Studios have announced a Season Pass which will entitle those who purchase it to obtain all four upcoming DLC warriors for the price of three!

Expected to coincide with the release of Skarlet on June 21st 2011, the Season Pass consolidates all DLC kombatants and will allow you to purchase them as they become available. The compatability packs also announced are downloaded alongisde the character. Below is the offiical press release forwarded over to us from NetherRealm studios:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios are excited to announce the Mortal Kombat Season Pass which will offer Mortal Kombat fans an added incentive to buy all four new Add-on warriors at one time for a reduced price instead of when purchasing them individually. The first Mortal Kombat downloadable warrior, Skarlet, will be available for download starting June 21st and will be followed by Kenshi, Rain, and an unannounced new entrant to the Mortal Kombat tournament! Each warrior will come with a full move set, a ladder arcade story ending and two fatalities.

Available for purchase starting June 21st, the Mortal Kombat Season Pass will allow users to buy all four downloadable warriors as a package for 1200 Microsoft points. Each individual warrior can be purchased when they release for 400 Microsoft points. Each warrior will become unlocked for download as they become available throughout the summer.

Further, in order to allow for seamless online play with the new downloadable warriors, free compatibility packs will be required to download with the release of each new warrior. As an added incentive, each compatibility pack will come with two FREE klassic skins - the first of which are being released with Skarlet will be Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 inspired Cyrax and Sektor. Gamers who purchase the Mortal Kombat Season Pass (or individual Add-on content) will automatically get the free klassic skins when they download each warrior. Those who do not purchase the Mortal Kombat Season Pass or the Add-ons, will be able to download the compatibility packs for free and have access to the klassic skins as well.

The Season Pass will be an Xbox Live exclusive but Playstation users will still be able to purchase all future DLC, but individually. Pricing for the Seaon Pass has been revealed and will cost 1200 Microsoft Points which inevitably will save you 400 MS points in the event you'd purchase all kombatants seperately.

For those in Europe and the United Kingdom, you'll be able to download Skarlet and the Season Pass a day later on Wednesday June 22nd!

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