During PAX East weekend, a new Environment Bio has surfaced featuring the classic MKII stage Kahn's Coliseum. The warlord's brutal, Roman-like theater of pain has been serving the denizens of Outworld with bloody carnage at the combatants expense for years and will make another return in next month's Mortal Kombat.

To entertain the denizens of Outworld--and remind them of his brutality--Shao Kahn presides over fighting exhibitions in this enormous Coliseum. The emperor’s throne is positioned at the very center of the structure: the ideal vantage point from which to savor the blood and fear of the kombatants. For these tournaments are no mere sport. Enemies of the empire are routinely cast into the arena to fight for their very lives. The victors are celebrated; the victims have their remains scattered among the spectators, who show their displeasure by hurling the severed heads to the arena floor.

Featuring intermingled gameplay from Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat Armageddon and Mortal Kombat (2011), this video showcases the brutality of the deadly environment. In this incarnation, Shao Kahn shackles female subjects around his throne while a gigantic beast is only somewhat appeased in the far side of the arena floor.

This video is the fourth in the Environment Bio line. Be sure to check out the other three on MK Online by clicking on them below.

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