NetherRealm Studios have released the next installment of the MKast, dubbed the 'FreddyKast'; focusing on the malevonent spirit of The Dream World, Freddy Krueger!

"In the movies you get to see Freddy kill people, in Mortal Kombat You get to be Freddy killing people."- John Vogel, Senior Artist: NetherRealm Studios.

This episode of the MKast features narration from Senior Artist, John Vogel and Senior Sound Designer, Michael Caisley amongst others discussing Freddys inclusion to Mortal Kombat, whilst also conversing about designing the sounds for Freddy's gloves and his Fatalities amongst other tidbits!

Below are the input commands for his Fatalities, Stage Fatality and Babality:

  • Fatality 1: Tell Em' Freddy Sent Ya: Back, Forward, Down, Forward - 1 (Anywhere)
  • Fatality 2: Welcome To My Nightmare: Down, Up, Forward, Back - Block (Sweep)
  • Stage Fatality: Forward, Down, Down - 4
  • Babality: Back, Forward, Down - 1

"Check out Freddy's Story Vignette Trailer, his TV Spot Commercial and his Render right Here".

Freddy is available now on Xbox Live and Playstation Network for 400 Microsoft Points and $4.99 respectively. He is also the final quarter of the Season Pass which is available now!

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