Long-running UK Playstation magazine Play recently took a tour of the MK team's new home at Netherrealm and have revealed some images from inside the developmental studios.

Among the highlights of the tour include a section of wall that houses a copy of every Mortal Kombat game ever created, as well as few novelty items such as a statue of Goro and the "Mortal Kombat Bible". Lining other sections of the walls are everything you could imagine from Mortal Kombat's memorabilia history, such as comics, figurines and even some of the original costumes from the early 2D games. In addition, there are cabinets featuring each game released in arcades. This includes the mock cabinet set-up for the upcoming game that was first seen at E3, on which a clear shot of the main select screen is shown.

Play has a feature on the upcoming game in issue #199 including a hands-on impression and words with Ed Boon. UK residents will find it on sale today! Click here to see the remainder of Play's studio tour.

Thanks to forum member queve for this update.