In 2002, Mortal Kombat embarked upon an exciting new era for the series' first major release of the new millennium: Deadly Alliance.

Kombat was completely revolutionized with a diversified roster of distinct characters, all-new fighting style mechanics, and the unlockable treasure trove of The Krypt! They were exciting times for the fighting game dynasty, but by no means unique in their scope of ambition.

In 2003, the movie world was confronted with its own daring new take on the independent film drama. A movie so unconventional it tore the rule book apart, offering much to be discovered and unlocked within the confines of The Room.

If you haven't been part of the movie's growing cult following, and don't know who writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau is - you soon will!

Like Ed Wood before him; Wiseau has turned creative calamity into a curious case of cult stardom. He is himself the subject of a major biopic film release, but this is merely the extra thirty minutes to a full hour of fame achieved in the past. Oh hi, point to all this.

In 2010, The Room inspired a fan-made point-and-click Flash game that caught the attention of TIME and Wired. It was around that time that Machinima unleashed TW upon a wider gaming audience with The Tommy Wi-Show. At long last TW found his calling as a Mortal Kombat streamer. Be advised: some content may contain offensive language. Watch:

- The Tommy Wi-Show: Tommy Plays Mortal Kombat
- The Tommy Wi-Show: Tommy Wiseau vs Freddy Krueger
- The Tommy Wi-Show: Tommy Plays Mortal Kombat Mini-Games
- James Franco Reads Video Game Lines as Tommy Wiseau
- Mortal Kombat: Special Forces - Final Boss (Kano)
- Jax - Mortal Kombat 4 Ending
- Federation of Martial Arts: Ermac vs Sonya - Round 1

Like so many of us; Wiseau is compelled to play Mortal Kombat by a mysterious alien overlord who demands online content, and better technique than hitting the kick button.

Playing the 2011 series reboot; TW is unfurnished with his preferred choice of vampire. Nitara was last seen in the playable roster several years earlier, in 2006's Armageddon. Thus; he opts for the frosty fighting style of Sub-Zero, before being forced to face Sonya with the fans of Kitana. He did not hit Lisa. Sonya did tear him apart.

In a bonus video, Tommy looked to Kabal to help him thwart infamous interloper Freddy Krueger. Like many hardcore MK fans, he seems unimpressed with the off-brand guest. When the horror icon is done eviscerating his opponent, Wiseau vows to win the next one. It is unlikely that he did. Navigate the playlist to load the videos above.

The Tommy Wi-Show wasn't the last the world would hear from the man who inspired what is now a New York Time's Best Seller! The Disaster Artist was a written account of The Room's troubled production by co-star Greg Sestero, and Tom Biselli. It is now also one of the most talked about movies of 2017, starring and directed by James Franco.

With the film has come a fresh wave of celebrity, and convenient excuses for MK Online to bridge the divide between Mortal Kombat and weird, tangential movie culture indulgences. Case-in-point: Franco has taken his impersonation on the road, promoting the movie with a series of Wiseau line-readings of classic game dialogue, for IGN. Watch out for MK near the end after some solid work:

Ed Boon is recognized by Guinness World Records for having gaming's longest continuous voice acting role. Yet, in a single moment, while channeling Tommy Wiseau's spirit (even though he's still mostly alive); Franco completely redefines Scorpion's famous catch cry for a whole new generation. MK Online declined to contact Ed Boon for comment.

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The Disaster Artist is in theatres now. We hoped to hear news of Mortal Kombat's return to the big screen soon. Simon McQuoid is reportedly attached to direct.

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