Mortal Kombat Origins Arcade Game Series.
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Mortal Kombat Origins Arcade Game Series.
03/14/2021 02:59 PM EDT
03/14/2021 10:23 PM EDT

I have a Complete game idea your a young Nightwolf when his people and tribe are alive. He gets to talk with The Wise Forest Animal Spirits..Owels Bears Wolves Ect. Through The Great Spirit that guides him through his life and keeps him alive from his enemies that we have not yet heard about... Its a Basically a Night Wolf Origins Small Story Game you could Make a Small Arcade Style Game Series For all The main Tournament Characters Origins as we make our way through the Time Line even ones that we dont know about yet I guess they would come 1st tho lol. All characters Origin Titles will be Individually Purchased Titles in the MK Origin Series on your platforms Store with Online VS modes in every title...But the Roster will have Adversaries or Allies from that of the main characters Origins storyline that we have never seen Before like Fallen Tribe or Clan Member's and the enimies of the tribe or clan not the Main Tournament Story Line characters like Jax Johny Sonya Noob Raiden Liu kung or main Villain Bosses Ect.... But if one of the main Tournaments heroes make an appearance in one of the Series Title/Origin story I dont see why they couldnt be on the Roster for that game. What Do You all think??? Global.Canon

WorldWide Wide Wide.....Wide. Lol.

I Do Not Have a PC and Cannot Use Discord ATM...Sorry.

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04/23/2021 08:00 PM EDT
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04/25/2021 08:00 PM EDT
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