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After MK, MK2 and MK3 we got MK Trilogy. After MK4, Deadly Alliance and Deception we had Armageddon. Now after (MKvsDC doesn't count) MK9, MKX and MK11 we should get MK Unity.

Use MK 11 as a base and spend at least the same amount of time, money and effort to make the most content rich fighting game possible. This would be the perfect time because I doubt the next MK would be able to improve on the technical (if not gameplay) quality of M11 as much as MK11 did from MKX, even on next gen.

Include remastered versions of MK1, MK2 and UMK3, Chess Kombat, Puzzle Kombat, Kart Kombat, tag mode (more on that in a minute), babalities, animalities, hara-kiris (maybe tie those to quitalities) and faction kills and maybe bring back old style brutalities as 'Comboalities' and make them look cinematic and awesome.

Make the story a very loose retelling of Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon similar to how MK9 retold MK1, MK2 and MK3 but include the newer storyline using Kronika and her time shenanigans again to explain all the different versions of the same characters. The 3D era characters and story will work perfectly for a compilation game like this.

All the content from MK11 should be unlocked and ready to use along with virtually every playable character from the series (I'm using the two 'hamelions as DLC). The Krypt can be packed with brand new content and returning content from previous games, including remastered versions of all the MK9 and MKX stages and every previous skin.

Use MK11 mechanics but open up the gameplay to make it play more like MKX. Add new moves and moves from previous games, bring back MKX variations and add new ones to characters who weren't in it, this will also open up more custom variation options. Up the pace, somewhere between MKX and MK11 and maybe limit breakaways.

Bring back X-rays (keep fatal blows) by adding a new traditional type meter with three levels for L1 (including all MK9) X-rays, L2 (including all MKX) X-rays and L3 (all new) X-rays. Raiden already has three, his original MKX one was replaced by a much flashier one that's more than good enough for L3 so L2 can be the replaced MKX one.

Give Traveler a basic move set and have an SP mode so when you beat an opponent you choose one of their moves to take, so making a game of creating a character. In a Tag mode version you could choose one of them to take a move from and the other one replaces your partner, compulsory because you're 'traveling'.

Have a free tag mode where you can pair up anyone and a tag mode with predetermined partners (used for story mode chapters) and give each character a unique metered move that brings in their tag partner, maybe using meter could use one defensive bar as well and include a character switch after the move is done to open up combo potential.

The characters actually partner up surprisingly well...

Scorpion - Sub-Zero
Liu Kang - Kung Lao
Raiden - Fujin
Kitana - Jade
Mileena - Baraka
Sonya - Jax
Cyrax - Sektor
Nightwolf - Kenshi
Stryker - Kai
Goro - Kintaro
Sindel - Sheeva
Shao Kahn - Reiko
Noob Saibot - Enenra
Cyber Sub-Zero - Cyber Smoke
Cyber Frost - Triborg
Ermac - Skarlet
Rain - Tanya
Bo' Rai Cho - Li Mei
Movado - Hsu Hao
Moloch - Drahmin
Nitara - Meat
Ashra - Sareena
Kano - Jarek
Kabal - Tremor
Kira - Kobra
Darrius - Dairou
Johnny Cage - Mokap
Cassie Cage - Jacqui
Takeda - Kung Jin
D'Vorah - Kollector
Reptile - Erron Black
Kotal Kahn - Ferra/Torr
Shang Tsung - Quan Chi
Shinnok - Cetrion
Lesser Kronika - Geras

Spawn - Hellboy
Joker - Leather Face
Freddy - Jason
RoboCop - Terminator
Alien - Preditor

Chamelion - Khamelion
Smoke - Frost
Hydro - Khrome
Kia - Jataaka
Belokk - Hornbuckle
Motaro - Zebron

Argus - Delia
Neo Blaze - Neo Onaga
Greater Kronika - Currupted Shinnok
Dark Kharn - Soul Charged Sindel
Dark Raiden - Fire God Liu Kang
Fire God Scorpion - Ice God Sub-Zero

I included Enenra as a separate character because I thought that's where they were going with it, I was expecting him to be DLC for MKX and this version of Smoke makes so much more sense to partner with Noob Saibot, perfect. I included 'Lesser' Kronika so there can be a toned down playable version of her to partner Geras and I thought Argus and Delia could make interesting alternate ending bosses. Those four characters could be balanced so you can use them individually against tag teams and each other.

The first Kombat Pack is the top row (the 'Ninja Pack') and I included two guest characters that make sense, but I'd much prefer The Crow and Guyver. Give all the Cyrax and Sector moves that are exclusively cyber to Triborg so they can have their human MK9 skins unlockable. I included Triborg because he is a separate character and Cyber Frost needed a partner, I included human Frost because she's different enough from Cyber Frost and human Smoke needed a partner, there's four versions of smoke on that roster.

They'd need to make Reptile's anims generic enough to be human, make him officially a shape-shifter. If Johnny Cage and Raiden are teamed together Johnny should be wearing Raiden's hat because it's an MKX intro dialogue callback and Raiden should be wearing Johnny's sunglasses because it's funny. Khamelion should be written as 'K'melion' so it has a different pronunciation, Kaymelion. Please roll back the Jacqui design to the MKX one, she looks like she's been beaten non-stop with an ugly stick since MKX.

They could make all different tag teams in updates, that could actually be done a few times. The variation system could be expanded so that you choose one of three master variations and each one of those has three tournament sub-variations or you can make a custom variation after choosing the master variation. This would be needed for Triborg but would also allow for a choice of weapons for some characters and/or move sets from different games, e.g. MK9, MKX and MK11 based master variations.

They should also include SF4 style rival fights with nice cimematics because there's some obvious ones and some really good ones...

Scorpion - Sub-Zero Vs Noob Saibot - Enenra
Kitana - Jade Vs Mileena - Baraka
Cyber Sub-Zero - Cyber Smoke Vs Cyrax - Sektor
Ermac - Skarlet Vs Rain - Tanya
Liu Kang - Kung Lao Vs Kronika - Geras
Raiden - Fujin Vs Shinnok - Cetrion
Johnny Cage - Mokap Vs Goro - Kintaro
Stryker - Kai Vs Erron Black - Reptile
Cassie Cage - Jacqui Vs Sindel - Sheeva
Sonya - Jax Vs Kano - Jarek
Takeda - Kung Jin Vs Cyber Frost - Triborg
Movado - Hsu Hao Vs Kabal - Tremor
Nightwolf - Kenshi Vs Shang Tsung - Quan Chi
Darrius - Dairou Vs Kira - Kobra
Bo' Rai Cho - Li Mei Vs D'Vorah - Kollector
Ashra - Sareena Vs Moloch - Drahmin
Taven-Havik Vs Daegon-Hotaru
Jerrod-Shujinko Vs Blaze-Onaga
Kotal Kahn - Ferra/Torr Vs Shao Kahn - Reiko
Nitara - Meat Vs Spawn - Hellboy
Freddy - Jason Vs Joker - Leather Face
RoboCop - Terminator Vs Alien - Preditor

Chamelion - Khamelion Vs Smoke - Frost
Hydro - Khrome Vs Kia - Jataaka
Belokk - Hornbuckle Vs Motaro - Zebron

Argus - Delia Vs Neo Blaze - Neo Onaga
Dark Raiden - Fire God Liu Kang Vs Dark Kharn - Soul Charged Sindel
Fire God Scorpion - Ice God Sub-Zero Vs Greater Kronika - Currupted Shinnok

This game would sell incredibly well, much better than a brand new MK because I think most fans would prefer this. Let's see if this gets enough enthusiasm for NRS to take notice.

If anyone from NRS is reading this I know a bit of coding, not enough to be useful but an apprenticeship would be very cool. I'm also an accomplished martial artist if you want someone for motion capture. I've got some nice looking kicks I'm sure you'd like. :)

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Hmm, it messed up my formatting, I had to just list them.

I posted this on reddit but I think it will just drown, plus there seems to be a lot of negativity there.

06/07/2020 07:42 PM (UTC)Edited 06/08/2020 03:32 PM (UTC)

I updated it with all the new guest characters removed to make a more realistic roster, Kratos as well because he's PS exclusive and the Injustice versions of the MK characters, they should still be in it maybe as hidden bonus variations.

I also added eight new boss level characters including Fire God Scorpion and Ice God Sub Zero to make a roster of twelve. The tag teams actually work out better this way and I added Jerrod and just discovered the amazing Zebron, I put him with Motaro thinking they could both have bipedal and quadrupedal variations.

Goro Still Lives
06/08/2020 09:29 PM (UTC)

I too notice they ended each era with a huge package game if you will.

Nice suggestion. Wonder if they will repeat it, expand MK beyond a tournament-style one-on-one fighting game or what else they could have in store?

06/09/2020 05:11 PM (UTC)

I too notice they ended each era with a huge package game if you will.

Nice suggestion. Wonder if they will repeat it, expand MK beyond a tournament-style one-on-one fighting game or what else they could have in store?

If they do decide to move in a new direction I really hope we get this game first. This is a game that would go straight to my all time number 1.

This would be the perfect setup for it, there's exactly 100 characters on the base roster, including boss level characters and they'd be 100 normal level characters after the ones I've put as DLC.

I don't think they'd be able to do much more with MK12, this way it gives them time to make the next game after something truely different. Maybe they'll even go back to 3D.

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