There's a target on your back and Kung Jin is drawing a long bow! The Shaolin archer with a dark past can be yours if you complete the latest Mortal Kombat X Mobile free-to-play challenge!

Unlocking Marksman Kung Jin means hitting the bullseye on five tiers of hard targets! Each tier consists of 12 battles, with the exception of the final 15-fight challenge! Tier 1 is a lightning round of all Bronze Kards, Tiers 2 & 3 promote you to Bronze & Silver kards. You'll need all Gold Outworld fighters in your Tier 4 team, before Tier 5 demands you use D'Vorah to swat aside the staff of Kung Jin!

Mortal Kombat X Mobile is available to download free-to-play now from Apple Store, Google Play & Amazon Games!

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