The Richter scale was off the charts in Las Vegas as NetherRealm Studios unveiled their latest downloadable character: Tremor! The obscure klassic was reborn in front of the world as they waited for the finals of the 2015 Evo World Championship in the arena, and live on stream!

Debuting as a ninja heavy for the Black Dragon clan in 2000 shooter spin-off: Mortal Kombat: Special Forces; Tremor has shed his bulky palette swap origins to encase himself in rock and minerals in Mortal Kombat X!

True to his gaming backstory; Tremor battles arch-rival Jax in the gameplay trailer, along with klassic skinned Kung Lao, Quan Chi & Scorpion! The former three will download bundled with Tremor as part of the Kombat Pack on July 21st, going live for individual purpose one week alter on the 28th. Klassic Skins Pack 2 were previewed with the most recent Compatibility Patch.

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Tremor arrives after a lengthy fan campaign courted more than 5000 signatures petitioning for his long awaited inclusion [full story]. Speaking to Mortal Kombat Online, series co-creator John Tobias explained, "I do remember having big plans for Tremor..." Mortal Kombat X will mark Tremor's first time as a playable character.

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