The streets are alive with the sound of brutality! Mortal Kombat X will be unleashed to the public in just over two weeks and the call is out for the upcoming fight! Check out the TV spot featuring System of a Down's rock anthem Chop Suey:

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The Mortal Kombat X TV spot continues a promotional tradition of two decades, recalling the classic Mortal Kombat high concept promo that sent fans bellowing into the streets!

Revisit some of the klassic high concept commercials and game launch trailers from the past by using the playlist navigation right. Included are some of the legendary live-action ads to grace the series. [Note: Videos will load in the embedded YouTube screen above].

Warner brothers Interactive Entertainment took fans behind the scenes of the campaign [full story], into the editing suite where System of a Down director Shavo Odadjian has been helping craft not just the TV spot -- but an official launch trailer coming April 6th, as well!

The full launch trailer promises to reveal more of the game's lingering mystery content, with this week's sneak peek already teasing big things to come!

Mortal Kombat X officially invades retail thanks to WBIE and NetherRealm Studios on April 14th! It arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC, with a PS3 & 360 port coming sometime in the Summer. Digital and retail pre-order bonus includes playable access to legendary combatant: Goro!

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