how to make the next MK a succes!
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07/27/2004 12:21 PM (UTC)
Just put in on PC
-Don't add new characters just use every previus character
12/22/2004 03:49 PM (UTC)
Just finish MK7 to end the series, then make a MK Trilogy 2 for the next-gen consoles, fully in 3D, featuring all final bosses as playable with Fatalities and Hara-Kiris, and keep it offline...
12/22/2004 04:00 PM (UTC)
def make MK for sucks that it didnt come out for PC
I agree: put every previous character in and dont add new ones...okay maye one or two real good ones...
let kitana and liu kang get together finally grin
12/22/2004 10:19 PM (UTC)
I think, the next Mortal Kombat would be a success if Ed Boon and the gang started off fresh and new. Meaning, no previous levels at all, a bunch of new characters including some old ones, and make a lot of arenas. I would love to see some new Ninja female fighters. Kitana, Mileena, and Jade are great but they should add a grey one which is (Kameleon) and a red one which is (Skarlet). They should go back, look at all the characters that have only poped up once or twice, and bring them back.
12/22/2004 10:24 PM (UTC)
aye but they def should NOT leave characters like kung lao, baraka, sub zero, kitana, mileena, sonya out...cause they are the oldies and there are many MKfans who like (one of)them very you always disappoint quite a group if you leave those popular guys out...
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12/22/2004 10:48 PM (UTC)
How about not letting Ed Boon and co make it? Let some better developers make it and give us a less broken and more playable game.
12/23/2004 12:42 AM (UTC)
lmao @ T...if boon reads this he's gonna have a stroke...

imo next MK should have 30/35 characters (mostly returning, jus 2 or 3 new ones), fmv endings, 3 fatals, 2 HKs, 3 costumes, story mode with intro scenes in every fight including special ones (scorpion Vs subby) (kano Vs sonya) etc, individual get ups, individual voices, multi-tiered interactive arenas with stage weapons and death traps, facial animations...weapon drawing animations, face and cloth damage...weapons get bloodier everytime you cut your opponent, improved konquest mode...imo that's all folks
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12/23/2004 01:12 AM (UTC)
I ask for the same things I asked for before Deception came out -

A genuine juggling system.

I forget whether throws were blockable or not but they should be/stay unblockable, as the whole point of throwing is to counter a continious turtler (annoying blocking person)

Basic gameplay mechanics, such as move properties. Taking away 50/50 mix-ups and introducing real reversals and/or parries.

Less brokenness of characters such as Scorpion.

The likeliness of me getting these are about 100 to 1, but i can dream.
12/23/2004 01:14 AM (UTC)
I wish midway would make another fighting game developed by the mk team. The mk story is starting to get old. It would be cool to start from scratch, with a new mind -blowing story.
12/23/2004 03:00 AM (UTC)
I believe that they should keep the same gameplay from MK:D, with a few add-ons. Also, improve lighting effects in arenas. And as tgrant said, balance it out more. But, I still want Boon and co. making it, lol.
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12/23/2004 02:31 PM (UTC)
How about making the fighting engine more fluid and fun to play, with more depth.
12/23/2004 09:34 PM (UTC)
I am pretty much known for loving MK the way it is, but there ARE a TON of things I would love to see MK do.
1. More multi tiered levels. They are onto a good thing here.
2. Give the fighting freaks their reversals and stuff, but somehow keep the fighting old school-feeling. Somehow keep it deep enough for the fighting fanatics, but simple enough for everyone to pick up, and a system that does not encourage button mashing. MK is the ONLY Fighting game that does projectiles WELL in 3D, as well as teleports. They are on the right track.
3. Make the characters seem more realistic graphically and less like cartoon characters. I always loved the digital aspects of the early MKs.
4. As far as secrets go, have more of them pertaining to actual gameplay. Less photographs and more tweaks and bonuses to the actual game.
5. More polish. Some glitches just make you say "aw guys..that should have been caught..."
6. Better game testers. Like I said, some of that should have been caught.
7. Keep up with the present storyline. It could go in so many directions with the One being, possible Kahn return, Dragon king, and the deal with Raiden...
8. Make hidden characters harder to unlock, and give clues in the middle of matches as how to find them, like Smoke and Jade did in MK2.
9. Konquest Mode: keep it for sure, but make less "fetching" quests. Fetching quests are fine if the items are well hidden and well thought out, but the fetching quests in MKD were a bit over done. Konquest Mode is a combination training mode/adventure. As such, it should have
A: training for each character, with the options to go onto some of the more difficult matches (bleeding, etc)for the training side.
B: A more cohesive story that ran together more smoothly for the adventure side.
C: Many hidden items and places to explore. Konquest did well with this, and would have done much better had it not been for the internet and wide spread information.
D: Each item found should be able to DO something, none of the Ninja star stuff.
E: Instead of one character changing into everyone else (neat idea), go back to choosing a character and going through his/her konquest like in MKDA. The realms that you can explore do not change, but items to be found, missions, training sessions, and story does change. This keeps it fresh, and for the story buffs adds more to find out about their favorite characters. Half the fun of unlocking a new character for me would then be "alright..let's see what HIS/HER missions and story in Konquest are..."

10. Bring back endurance rounds
11. Bring back the whole "tournament feel", with overlords looking on in the background, and crowds cheering.
12. The big, bad monster should be a sub boss, not a boss.
13. At least the same ammount of arenas as in MKD, but with more interactivity (the Lower Mines with 3 different deathtraps and a lower level was incredible).
14. Keep different modes on as well. While Chess and Puzzle were welcome additions to the game, they should never replace the fighting game itself.
15. A new, bizzare "ality". I do miss friendships and babalities, but a new way to finish an opponent off, IMO, would be welcome. It has to be a finisher that shows the player had to sacrifice something in order to pull it off (for example, you cannot block in the final round, or use a weapon). Then, pulling off that kind of finisher would be an even bigger slap in the face.
I loved the friendships because they poked fun at the media "vid game violence" witch hunt, and babalities were just so bizzare...Besides, killing an opponent at the end gets old..there needs to be another option.
16. Keep the three styles. If they keep improving this system, they are on the right track.
17. Kreate a Kombatant system. Maybe not for MK7, but somewhere down the line.
18. A better online interface. What do I mean?
A: An ability to watch matches being played.
B: Support the community. Keep the players interested by offering continual events and promotions for playing. I thought they were going to do that with the News and Updates section. Well, they stopped it after "1 million games played!" It's a shame.
C: Develop a system that is actually tournament friendly. Create mods for the communities that can hold tournaments, even mail out prizes. Midway could easily sponsor such events, and would really hold the attention of the gamers, not to mention increase sales (word of mouth advertising is great...especially "dude, I was on MK last night in the tourney...Skaven13 won it all and he's getting a gift card to Best Buy and..etc" the other person is gonna feel like he is missing out more than likely, and purchase the game). Lack of support kills games faster than anything.
D: More online intensive. Somehow have the disc writable, or store info on memory cards, but if updates are available, they should be able to be downloaded. Updates such as:
E: Gameplay tweaks. Bo is cheesy? Ok guys..we need to fix this... (Starcraft is over 10 years old..and they STILL update it with tweaks and changes..I love that).
F: An online exclusive unlockable character, as well as extra costumes.
G: Match betting: Bet your koins, or other things....
H: Exclusive online kontent
I: An anti-flooding bot of some sort that AKicks flooders.
J: Rewards for winning streaks online and number of games played. Rewards such as new costumes to choose, koins of a rare type, a Konquest item needed to unlock something extra special, etc.

Like I said, more incentive to play online, and keep the players interested.

I think that is about it for now. Dang I wish I worked at Midway...I swear I could really breathe new life into MK games.
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